Mizzou Links, 10-26-07

So this is cool: this weekend will see a Larry Smith Era reunion at Faurot.

Inside Mizzou's Jeff Ermann takes an interesting look at what might happen when this year's stars are gone and replaced by others.  And speaking of potential future stars...from PowerMizzou, Blaine Dalton talks about the Tigers, and Wichita's Chris Harper has set an official visit to Mizzou.  Pretty steep competition for him, but we'll see what happens.

The Trib gives Stryker Sulak and Tommy Chavis their due, discussing their improvement and what it's done for the Mizzou defense.  Graham Watson, on the other hand, gives the entire defense its due.  And meanwhile, Matt Eberflus has won another Defensive Coordinator of the Week award...this time from the Master Coaches' Survey...whatever the hell that is.

The Missourian decides there have been enough "Tommy Saunders works out like a beast" articles and takes the opportunity to actually document a Tommy Saunders workout.  Interesting stuff.  And it's Thursday, so that means Ten Things You Didn't Know about Iowa State.  Nick Nolte?  Really?  (Thursday also means it's time for Dave Matter to play What's the Rush? once again.)

You can tell nobody wants any part with previewing Iowa State (and everybody's tired of talking about Blaine Gabbert)...they're all venturing out and doing interesting Tiger features instead.  A Tommy Saunders work out...a peer into the crystal ball...how about a look at Darnell Terrell's artistic side?  How about a guy who's missed two Mizzou games in 38 years?

Aha!  Mike Dearmond steps up to the plate and knocks out an MU-ISU preview!  Granted, it's short, but...it's something.  He also takes a look at Jimmy Jackson and the other members of the 'by committee' running back stable that performed well in Tony Temple's absence.

Here's today's "Oh yeah, basketball season is coming up" link.

Here are the official releases for this weekend's MU-KU Border Showdowns in volleyball and swimming & diving...we need those Showdown points!!

Finally...no freaking Aggie band for the ATM game.  Boo.  It's the best freaking thing about playing ATM.

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