Biggest Shut-out victory ever for MU?

I was curious last night about whether this was the largest shut-out victory in MU's history.  We all know that 69 points is the highest total we've ever had, but that was not in a shutout.  So, I went to MU's Historical Score Index and did some research

Since 1900, Missouri has won 161 games by shutout.  While it depends on how you look at the answer, due to the practice in the early-century of playing any and all teams within several hours of you (including many club teams), its' pretty easy to say this was the largest shut-out victory in MU's history.  This is the largest if you only take I-A opponents into account.

5 Largest Shutout Victories in MU history:

  • 1913 - Drury (Non I-A) 69-0
  • 1928 - Centre (Non I-A) 68-0
  • 1908 - Westminister (Non I-A) 58-0
  • 2008 - Colorado 58-0
  • 1962 - Colorado 57-0

I'd say this certainly meets the definition of "Biggest Shutout Victory - Modern Era".  It was not uncommon for colleges to play club teams and smaller local colleges up through the 40s, due to various reasons (lack of opponents, travel difficulties), so while we obviously were playing overmatched opponents, they weren't just being scheduled as sacrifical lambs.

Missouri has 41 wins or ties against non-FBS I-A opponents in their history, 120 against FBS I-A.

Most Often Shut-out Opponents:

  • Washington University (St. Louis) - 18 Times (including 1 tie)
  • Kansas - 12 times (including 2 ties)
  • K-State - 12 times (including 1 before they were I-A)
  • Iowa State - 12 times (including 1 tie)
  • Oklahoma - 9 times (including 1 tie and 1 time before they were I-A)
  • UM-Rolla - 9 times (every game before they were I-A, including 1 tie)
  • Nebraska - 7 times (including 1 tie)
  • Colorado - 6 times (including 1 tie)
  • Oklahoma State - 6 times
  • St. Louis U. - 6 times (4 before they were I-A, including 1 tie)
  • Drake - 6 times

Note: Washington University (St. Louis) was in the MVIAA with Missouri from 1907-1927, accounting for 12 of the 18 times we shut them out.  Drake was in the MVIAA as well, accounting for 5 of the 6 times we shut them out.

Shutouts by decade:

2000: 3

1990: 2

1980: 3

1970: 6

1960: 22

1950: 10

1940: 16

1930: 20

1920: 30

1910: 23

1900: 26


And, finally, games in which Missouri has scored more than 57 points (and the margin of victory):

  1. 2008: Colorado 58-0 (58)
  2. 2008: Nevada 69-17 (52)
  3. 2003: Texas Tech 62-31 (31)
  4. 1984: K-State 61-21 (40)
  5. 1983: Colorado 59-20 (39)
  6. 1981: K-State 58-13 (45)
  7. 1969: Kansas 69-21 (48)
  8. 1948: St. Louis U 60-7 (53)
  9. 1928: Centre (Non I-A) 60-0 (60)
  10. 1913: Drury (Non I-A) 69-0 (69)
  11. 1908: Westminister (Non I-A) 58-0 (58)
  12. 1907: Tariko (Non I-A) 70-0 (70)

So, last night was Missouri's largest margin of victory since 1930, and the largest margin of victory ever against a FBS Division I-A opponent


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