Mizzou Links, 10-28-08

Press conference quotes!  "5:30 on Saturday" was not a gimmick, you hear me?  Now where was I?  Oh yeah...2:00 on Saturday.

"('5:30 Saturday') wasn't a gimmick. It was probably my frustration. We didn't play very well and we played a great team (Texas). You're not giving your best effort, we weren't a very focused team. My concern was that they would lose focus. We had to put an abrupt stop to that. So we took it very, very seriously. We don't ever talk about a future opponent around here ever ... All that's out there now with watching themselves on ESPN, and walking around campus, my big thing was working with the seniors and the staff that we need every ounce of your focus on that moment. We're going to try and do the same thing this week. I didn't ask the players to win. I asked them to play hard, with a great effort. It wasn't a gimmick in any way, it was to get everyone on my staff and the team focused on one moment in time and put all our attention on that. "

PowerMizzou's got audio.

Brian Coulter: related to Robert Griffin.  Seriously?  Is it possible to have that much sheer greatness in one family?

[Griffin's] arrival has gained their attention.

Especially that of Missouri junior defensive end Brian Coulter, who just recently found out that he’s a distant cousin of the Baylor quarterback. Coulter got a phone call from Griffin’s dad earlier this week and plans to get in touch with Griffin sometime this week before the game.

“Now what I’d really like is for someone to get a really good picture of me sacking him in the game,” he said, laughing. (Note to Baylor, that wasn’t bulletin board material. Coulter was obviously kidding.)

Baylor Links!

  • Mutigers.com: Official Release ("[Jeff] Wolfert is on pace to break an NCAA career record for best accuracy for combined field goals and PATs. Wolfert’s combined career mark of 95.5% is currently ahead of the record of 93.3% set by UCLA’s John Lee from 1982-85 (116-of-117 PATs, 79-of-92 FGs).")
  • The Missourian: Tigers blocking out distractions
  • Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor OL Jordan Hearvey to miss rest of season
  • Dallas Morning News: Injuries leave Baylor defense backed into a corner

As always Monday meant Dave Matter's Big 12 Notes and Like Father, Unlike Son...

Luke Lambert: NOT a baby daddy.

Jeremy Maclin: better than last year.

The Missourian has a nice article on two Mizzou pitchers who have separate rooting interests in the World Series...Kyle "Drafted by Phillies" Gibson and Brad "Drafted by Rays" Buehler.

Finally, a shoutout to some pretty impressive investors who are helping to make SB Nation the most financially sturdy of the sports blog networks...thank you much...

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