Mizzou Links, 10-30-08

I must say, I'm actually somewhat happy for the city of Philadelphia.  Let's face it--a Mizzou fan should be able to identify with any fanbase that is both a) tortured and b) a little unstable, right?  I'm impressed, though, that I managed to stay sympathetic to the people of Philly despite that their long "championship drought" simply wasn't that long, at least not to a Mizzou/Pirates/Dolphins/Blazers fan.

That, and I'm sorry, but Jeanne Zelasko is awful, just awful.  She's not interesting, she doesn't appear very smart, she says very silly things, and...I mean, she's not even attractive.  She was horrendous during last night's post-game celebration interviews.

Anyhoo...on to a monster edition of the Links...

Marcus Denmon: the next Kareem Rush?  Anthony Peeler?  Just kidding, but wow does he already have the superlatives flowing.  Guess that's what happens when you score 36 points on 14-of-17 shooting in the Black & Gold Game.  Some B&G links...

On to football...The Trib has a very well-done "Jeremy Maclin sure is great" article.

Having played just 22 games in a Missouri uniform, Maclin needs only 98 all-purpose yards to eclipse Brad Smith’s MU career record of 4,419, a figure that took four years for Smith to compile. Granted, all but 130 of Smith’s yards were rushing totals - the all-purpose category also counts yards for receiving and returns - but already this season, Maclin has passed Joe Stewart, Darrell Wallace, Zack Abron, Brock Olivo and Devin West on the career list.

So this is something, I guess: Fox Sports will "televise" the Baylor-Mizzou game Monday at noon and 9pm and Wednesday at 2pm as part of their "No Huddle" series.  Baylor links!

Jacquies Smith is going to end up at 265 pounds?  Yeah, that sounds really nice..

Chase Daniel: Draddy Trophy finalist.  (What's the Draddy Trophy?  Click the link!)

In last year's regular season, the Big 12 North was 10-8 versus the Big 12 South.  This year?  2-10.

The Post-Dispatch's Jeff Gordon does a nice job in laying out all the reasons why the Mizzou football job is more attractive than Washington or a lot of other jobs that might come open.

In football recruiting news, two MO kids will be playing in the U.S. All-American game--Sheldon Richardson and Ronnie Wingo.

Finally...ouch.  Mizzou Volleyball led Kansas 12-7 in the fifth set last night but fell, 12-25 25-18 25-15 13-25 14-16.  Not much to say about this one--it's gonna sting for a while.  Mizzou blocked much better than KU, but the 'Hawks just dug and dug and dug (92 digs for KU, 68 for MU) and wore Mizzou out.  It also didn't hurt that their passing was far superior (61 sets to 39).

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