MU Football Records Chase (updated 11/10)

The fingers have completely thawed, so it is time to put them to good use.  With an off game by Chase Daniel and a game off for Chase Coffman, not too much movement here.  Obviously, one Jeremy Maclin has made some moves thanks to his close to 300 yard effort, and Jeff Wolfert continues to shoot up the all-time scoring chart.

As always, thanks to for their record keeping, as well as this ridiculously long file from the NCAA

National Passing Yardage:

7. Tim Rattay_________'97-'99______12746

8. Luke McCown_______'00-'03_____12666

9. Chris Redman______'96-'99______12541

10. Kliff Kingsbury_____'99-'02______12429

11. Byron Leftwich_____'00-'03______11903

12. Brady Quinn_______'03-'06______11762

13. David Greene______'01-'04______11528

14. Gino Guidugli______'01-'04______11453

15. Chase Daniel______'05-'08______11425


Chase jumps another six people with his almost sub-standard 270 yard effort on a cold Saturday night.  Weather in Ames is not looking too hot (literally) and with the wind that whips through there, we could be looking at another down night for him. Then he would have two (hopefully) games outside at Arrowhead before finally heading for somewhere which at least has a better shot for decent weather.  In the end, I dont seem him passing everyone I have left up here, but top 10 status should still be achieved here.



National Passing Efficiency: (500 completions or more)

12. Chad Pennington_____'97-'99_______156.2

13. Donovan McNabb_____'95-'98_______155.1

14. Tim Rattay___________'97-'99______154.3

15. Duante Culpepper_____'96-'98______153.1

16. David Carr__________''97-'98_______152.9

17. Jason White_________'99-'04_______152.7

18. Ben Roethlisberger____'01-'03______151.3

19. Chris Weinke_________'97-'00______151.1

20. Byron Leftwich________'98-'02______150.9

      Chase Daniel ________ ‘05-08 ______150.9


Two more interceptions for Chase mean this not move at all.



National TD Passes:

6. Danny Wueffel________'93-'96______114

7. Chad Pennington______'97-'99______100

8. Matt Leinart___________'02-'05______99

9.  Kliff Kingsbury_________'99-'02_____95

      Philip Rivers__________'00-'03_____95

      Brady Quinn__________'03-'06_____95

12. David Klingler_________'88-'91_____91

13. Chase Daniel ________ ‘05-08 _____ 90

Just two TD's this past week gives Chase 13th spot all to himself.  100 TD's and passing Chad Pennington is still very achievable, but I somehow do not see him getting past Danny Wuerffel after that.



Total Offense:

1. Brad Smith _________ ‘02-05 ____ 13088

2. Chase Daniel _______‘05-08 _____12270

3. Jeff Handy __________ ‘91-94 _____ 6640

4. Phil Bradley _________ ‘77-80 _____ 6459

5. Corby Jones _________‘95-98 _____ 6230


A good bit of negative rushing yardage actually knocks this number down for Chase after the 270'ish yard effort in passing.  With (likely) four games still remaining, I still maintain Chase will eclipse Brad, and perhaps do so as soon as the potential Big XII Championship game.  13500 is not out of the question, though he will need to avoid the sack in coming weeks and get some scrambling yards to augment this cause.



All-Purpose Yardage:

1. Jeremy Maclin_______'07-'08_____4761

2. Brad Smith _________ ‘02-05 _____ 4419

3. Devin West _________ ‘95-98 _____ 3824

4. Brock Olivo _________ ‘94-97 _____ 3475

5. Zack Abron __________‘00-03 _____ 3426

6. Darrell Wallace ______ ‘84-87 _____ 3303

7. Joe Stewart _________‘74-77 _____ 3256

8. James Wilder _______‘78-80 _____ 2769


BIG jump up this list in terms of yardage from Maclin.  I took a peek at the national list to see if he was very close, and it turns out he really is not.  The lowest person on that list is two-time Heisman Trophey winner Archie Griffin with 6003 yards.  I suppose that is not out of the question, but someone is going to have to be dumb enough to kick it towards him a number of times and I just do not see that happening too much these days.



(National and Mizzou) Receptions:

27. John Standeford_______'00-'03_____249     

28. Nate Burleson_________'00-'02_____248      

       Eric Deslauriers_______'02-'06_____248

30. James Jordan_________'98-'00____246

31. David Williams________'83-'85_____245


1.Chase Coffman (TE) ____'05-08______ 230

2. Martin Rucker (TE) ______ ‘04-07_____ 203 

3. Justin Gage __________ ‘99-02______ 200

4. Kenny Holly __________ ‘90-93_______151

    Jeremy Maclin________'07-'08______151

6. Will Franklin __________ ‘04-07______ 143

7. Victor Bailey___________'90-'92______128

8. Thomson Omboga______'01-'04______127

9. Tommy Saunders______'05-'08______125

9. Brian Sallee___________'91-'94______119

10. Sean Coffey__________'02-'05______118


Eight catches for Maclin moves him from a tie with Will Franklin to a tie with Kenny Holly.  He will settle nicely into 4th place behind Justin Gage (nice to see him catch a TD pass yesterday) before all is said and done.  No receptions for the idle Coffman, making his ascension up towards the national list tougher.


{edit by The Beef...thanks to golf2804 - Tommy Saunders now hits the list with a chance to move up over the next four games as well.  Passing Will Franklin (like Good Will Hunting I guess) could be a doable goal.}


(National and Mizzou) Receiving Yardage:

1. Ibn Green (national TE)____'96-'99_____2830


1. Justin Gage ____________‘99-02_____2704

2. Chase Coffman (TE) _____ ‘05-08_____2491

3. Martin Rucker (TE) _______ ‘04-07_____2175

4. Victor Bailey ____________ ‘90-92_____2144

5. Will Franklin ____________ ‘04-07_____2125

6. Jeremy Maclin__________'07-'08_____2004

7. Linzy Collins ____________ ‘89-90_____1760

8. Kenny Holly ____________ ‘90-93_____1708

9. Sean Coffey ___________ ‘02-05______1596

10. Mel Gray _____________ ‘68-70______1491

11.Hank Burnine __________ ‘53-55_____1445


Another week of no movement in places, but welcome to the 2,000 yard receiving club to Jeremy Maclin.  He should end up in 3rd spot by behind Coffman and Gage...will be interesting to see if Coffman can now catch Gage with the gimpy toe.



Receiving TD's:

1. Chase Coffman (TE) _____ ‘05-08______ 27

2. Martin Rucker (TE) _______ ‘04-07______ 18

    Justin Gage ____________ ‘99-02______ 18

    Jeremy Maclin__________'07-'08______18

5. Mel Gray _______________68-70_______ 14

6. Will Franklin ____________ ‘04-07______ 13

    Sean Coffey ____________ ‘02-05______ 13

8. Victor Bailey ____________ ‘90-92______ 12

    Dwayne Blakley _________ ‘98-01______ 12


Two more this week for Maclin (after two for Coffman last week), putting him in a nice little three-way tie for 2nd spot. 




1. Jeff Wolfert (PK) ______ ‘06-08_____ 330

2. Brad Smith __________ ‘02-05______ 284

3. Zack Abron ___________ ‘00-03_____ 252

4. Corby Jones __________ ‘95-98_____ 228

5. Jeff Jacke (PK) ________ ‘88-92_____ 225

6. Bob Steuber __________ ‘40-42_____ 222

7. Tom Whelihan (PK) ____ ‘84-87_____ 191

8. Brock Olivo __________ ‘94-97_____ 188

9. Devin West __________ ‘95-98_____ 174


With eleven more points for Wolfert, I guess I need to turn this into a nationa list one of these weeks.  Probably next week, as he should still be about 20 points from cracking the top 30 nationally all-time.



1. Brian Smith__________'03-'06_____31.5

2. Justin Smith_________'98-'00_____22.5

3. Lorenzo Williams_____'04-'07_____19

4. Stryker Sulak________'05-'08_____18.5

5. Rick Lyle____________'90-'93______18

6. Bobby Bell___________'81-'83______17
    Steve Martin__________'92-'95______17

    Antwaun Bynum_______'00-'02______17

9. Xzavie Jackson_______'03-'06______16.5

10 C.J. Mosely__________'02-'04______15.5

11. Ziggy Hood_________'05-'08______14.5


The lone sack was made by Spoon, so no movement here this past week



1. Adrian Jones________'86-'89________15

2. Ken Baston_________'63-'65________14

    Bill Whitaker_________'77-'80________14

4. Erik McMillan________'84-'87_________13

5. Eric Wright__________'78-'80________11

6. William Moore______'05-'08_________10

     Roger Wehrli________'66-'68________10

    Harold Piersey_______'95-'98________10

    Kevin McIntosh_______'91-'94________10


The lone interception against Freeman was made by Kevin Rutland, who I believe is JUST off of this list.

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