This is NOT the winningnest Sr. Class in MU history

Ok, so I'm kinda picking nits here, but I saw the stats this Saturday that this Senior class has won more games than any other in MU history and was impressed.

Of course, it also struck me that this Sr. Class has PLAYED more games than any other in school history, so I started wondering where they rank all-time in school history as far as Winning Percentage.


2005-2008(35 wins and counting)




8-2 (likely 10-3 before bowl game)

Dealing only with games that have actually been played, that puts the current group's Winning Percentage at .714 (35-14)


The next highest group on the list for total wins is the group who graduated in '81, with 31 wins:






Winning Percentage of .645 (31-17), so clearly not the equal of this current group.


How about when we were the elites of College Football?  The 1960s...

1966-1969, 1 Conference Titles (Sugar and Orange Bowl appearances)





Winning Percentage of .714 (30-11-1) , exact same percentage as the current class).


1960-1963.  Conference Title, Orange Bowl victory, Bluebonnet Bowl victory.  #1 ranking





.761 (32-7-3) Winning Percentage, and that's if you don't count the 1960 KU game as a victory.  If you do, that's a Winning Percentage of .786 (33-6-3).


Other periods of note: 1939-42: Sugar Bowl and Orange Bowl appearances, 3 Conference Titles: a .731 Winning Percentage (30-10-1).

1924-27: 3 Missouri Valley Conference Titles.  a .735 WP (25-6-3)

1919-1922: 1 Missouri Valley Title: .718 Winning Percentage (23-7-2)

Go back any further than that, and you're dealing with uncertain game outcomes and it's already enough of a stretch to claim that College Football before WWII was the same game as it was in the 60s, and it's hardly the same game now as it was then.

To rank Sr. Classes in Winning Percentage of their tenure:

  1. 1963: .761
  2. 1927: .735
  3. 1942: .731
  4. 1922: .718
  5. (tie) 2008 and 1969: .714

Edited to correct 2007 references to 2008.  I DO know what year it is, I promise.

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