Mizzou Links, 11-19-08

As we've got 2.5 weeks till the Big 12 title game, PowerMizzou's Gabe looks into the different potential matchups against UT, Tech or OU...who Mizzou may want to play, and who they may not...

One thing's for certain: no matter who they play, if Mizzou wins the Big 12 title game, their bowl picture is very clear.  Lose that game, and things get really muddy...

The game might not be worth as much this time around, but Mizzou-Kansas is still eight steps beyond fierce...

Dave Matter empties the notebook on Iowa State...

Big picture viewpoint for a moment: Nothing the Tigers could have done during the last four weeks would erase the disappointing performances against Oklahoma State and Texas, but if anything, Gary Pinkel’s team reinforced its dominance over the North Division. If you missed it in Sunday’s game story, the Tigers have won 10 in a row over North opponents, outscoring them 468-182. That’s impressive anyway you cut it.

Yes, the North Division is hardly recognizable compared to its first few years of existence or the stretch from 1999-2001 when two teams — either Colorado, Kansas State or Nebraska — won at least 10 games each season. But there’s something to be said for dominating your peers. If the Tigers beat Kansas on Nov. 29, MU’s senior class will have notched at least three victories over all five North opponents.

But you can look at Missouri’s North supremacy this way, too: Maybe Missouri can take some responsibility for the rest of the division's slippage. Maybe Missouri’s won more head-to-head recruiting battles and done a better job finding players outside of the North region, i.e. Texas.

Coaching stability is probably a factor, too. Pinkel became the dean of the division after the 2006 season. Kansas, Iowa State and Colorado have each gone through one head-coaching change since Pinkel came to Missouri, while Nebraska and Kansas State have made two head-coaching changes over that time.

Kenji Jackson: future star and almost-Jayhawk...oh yeah, and it's "Ken-juh," not "Ken-jee."

To basketball, where it's so far, so good with Mizzou's freshmen...

And finally, via Mizzourah, I find something close to my heart: in-depth data analysis of Mizzou basketball.  I've been tossing around what kind of "box score" I could throw together for each game (when the games start mattering a hair more), and a lot of the ideas are similar to this...I'm intrigued..

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