Did you know?: K-State Edition

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A weekly collection of interesting statistical tidbits and oddities of MU's opponent.   This week, it's K-State!

Did you know...

...that K-State returns a higher percentage of punts than any other team in the nation?  They return 70% of opponents' punts, and they average almost 13 yards on returns.   Including blocks, they've held opponents to only 32.7 yards per punt, also tops in the nation.  Even excluding blocks opponents have only averaged 36 yards per kick, still good for 6th in the country.  So punting against K-state will only net you 24 yards on average, with about a 10% chance of getting your kick blocked.   Given this info, I would expect to see Mizzou be more aggressive when (if??) it faces fourth downs.  I say go for it if you're past your own 40, what do you think?

...that K-State leads the nation in blocked kicks?  They've blocked 8 punts, pats, and field goals.  Let's just hope this one doesn't come down to a field goal like last week.

...that K-state has converted (and attempted) more 4th downs than any other FBS team? They've converted 17 of 28, for an average of about 3 out of 4 per game.  However, sixteen of those attempts have come in blowout losses to TTU, OU, and KU.  Mizzou had a lot of trouble getting off the field on fouth down versus Baylor last week and that made the game more competitive than it should have been.  We'll see how Eberflus has his defense prepared this week.

...that K-State Running back Logan Dold is the greatest passer in NCAA history?  He's completed one pass in one attempt for eight yards and a touchdown, giving his a passer rating of 497.2

...that K-state is only scoring 81% of the time they reach the red-zone?  That number ranks 69th in the nation (insert obligatory 69 joke here).  However, their TD/FG ratio is very high (6th in the country), which means they most often score a touchdown rather than a field goal.  So they average 5.3 pts per red-zone attempt, good for 30th in the nation.   Mizzou is scoring 89% of the time, averaging 5.6 points (12th in the country, OU is first with an astounding 6.5pts per red-zone trip)

...that K-state has fumbled the ball 19 times in 9 games, and lost 12?  Only six teams have lost more fumbles.  And while K-state can complain a little about bad luck since they've lost 63% of their fumbles, it's hard to be sympathetic for a team who puts the ball on the ground more than twice a game.  Mizzou, on the other hand has been TERRIBLY unlucky:  The only team in the country who has lost 100% of its fumbles. Five for Five (Before you stop me, I know that somebody for Mizzou fumbled at Baylor and it bounced right back into his hands, I'm not sure why the stats don't include this fumble)  So there are no teams who have fumbled fewer times than Mizzou, but there are 19 teams who have lost fewer fumbles.  In that way, this team very much reminds me of Mizzou teams of old: bad luck!

A new feature this week:  The "Did You Know Super-Obvious-Anyway Keys to the Game"!


  • Neutralize K-States special teams by not punting
  • Protect kickers on PATs and FGs (perhaps try fakes)
  • Keep Super-QB Logan Dold out of the game
  • Keep KSU out of the red-zone so they can't score their 5.3 points
  • Recover KSU's two fumbles


Go Tigers!

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