Mizzou following losses

In response to the "How will Mizzou respond to a stinging KU loss?" question floating around, I thought I'd look at how Mizzou has historically responded in such a situation.

Since World War II, there have been 14 instances of Missouri losing to Kansas, their biggest rival, and then having another game to play.  (Until the mid-'90s, Missouri ended its season with Kansas almost every year, so there are plenty of cases where Missouri lost to KU, then didn't actually have another game to play.)

Year Kansas Result Next Week's Result
2005 Kansas 13, Missouri 3 Colorado 41, Missouri 12
2004 Kansas 31, Missouri 14 Missouri 17, Iowa State 14
2003 Kansas 35, Missouri 14 Missouri 41, Nebraska 24
2000 Kansas 38, Missouri 17 Texas 46, Missouri 12
1999 Kansas 21, Missouri 0 Missouri 34, Texas Tech 7
1997 Kansas 15, Missouri 7 Missouri 42, Tulsa 21
1995 Kansas 42, Missouri 23 Colorado 21, Missouri 0
1994 Kansas 31, Missouri 14 Missouri 32, Hawaii 32
1983 Kansas 37, Missouri 27 BYU 21, Missouri 17 (Holiday Bowl)
1981 Kansas 19, Missouri 11 Missouri 19, SMU 17 (Tangerine Bowl)
1973 Kansas 14, Missouri 13 Missouri 34, Auburn 17 (Sun Bowl)
1972 Kansas 28, Missouri 17 Arizona State 49, Missouri 35 (Fiesta Bowl)
1968 Kansas 21, Missouri 19 Missouri 35, Alabama 10 (Gator Bowl)
1960 Kansas 23, Missouri 7* Missouri 21, Navy 14 (Orange Bowl)

* Of course, this one goes down in the Missouri history books as a win.

Mizzou has gone 9-5 following KU losses.  Under Gary Pinkel, they're 2-1.  They laid an egg in 2005 in Boulder, but they followed the loss with their most dramatic wins of the season in 2003 and 2004.

The other thing to look at is...with Chase Daniel at QB, how has Mizzou responded to losses of any kind?

Year Mizzou Loss Following Week
2006 Texas A&M 25, Missouri 19 Missouri 41, Kansas State 21
2006 Oklahoma 26, Missouri 10 Nebraska 34, Missouri 10
2006 Nebraska 34, Missouri 10 Iowa State 21, Missouri 16**
2006 Iowa State 21, Missouri 16 Missouri 42, Kansas 17
2007 Oklahoma 41, Missouri 31 Missouri 41, Texas Tech 10
2007 Oklahoma 38, Missouri 17 Missouri 38, Arkansas 7
2008 Oklahoma State 28, Missouri 23 Texas 56, Missouri 31
2008 Texas 56, Missouri 31 Missouri 58, Colorado 0

** Of course, this one goes down in MY history books as a win, ahem.

Not including the 2006 Sun Bowl loss to Oregon State (there was no game following that one, obviously), Mizzou has lost eight games with Chase Daniel a few yards behind center.  Five times, they have responded in style--when they win in these instances, they win big (by an average of 44-11).  The three other times, they have stumbled further.  When they have to respond to a loss by playing a bowl team, they've gone 3-2.

All this said, OU is clearly the best team Mizzou's had to play after a KU loss (since at least the '60s) or a Chase Daniel loss, so...yeah, this probably doesn't say a whole lot.  Just found it interesting.

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