A Walk Through Alternate History: 1999

The first BCS National Tournament ended in chaos, with three major first-round upsets and a #6-seed winning the title.  What would 1999 have in store?

If you'll remember, 1999 was the year of Peter Warrick and Michael Vick.  The latter was the most dynamic player on what was the best team almost from start to finish; the former was the most electric (redshirt) freshman QB anybody had ever seen.  Would a tournament have dampened the respective resumes they put together in the BCS title game that year?


Conference Champions: Alabama, Boise State, BYU, Florida State, Fresno State, Marshall, Nebraska, Southern Miss, Stanford, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin

At-Large Bids: Florida, Kansas State, Michigan, Michigan State, Tennessee

Biggest Snub: Texas

Round 1

1 Florida State def. 16 Fresno State in Tallahassee
9 Michigan def. 8 Alabama in Tuscaloosa
5 Kansas State def. 12 Southern Miss in Manhattan
4 Florida def. 13 Stanford in Gainesville
11 Michigan State def. 6 Tennessee in Knoxville
3 Nebraska def. 14 Boise State in Lincoln
7 Wisconsin def. 10 Marshall in Madison
2 Virginia Tech def. 15 BYU in Blacksburg

K-State begins to atone for their shocking loss to Marshall in '98 by TCB'ing against Southern Miss.  Meanwhile, there are only two upsets: #9 Michigan over #8 Alabama in an epic not unlike their Orange Bowl matchup that year, and #11 Michigan State over #6 Tennessee, led by the dominant Plaxico Burress.  Otherwise, it's chalk.


1 Florida State def. 9 Michigan in Tallahassee
5 Kansas State def. 4 Florida in Gainesville
3 Nebraska def. 11 Michigan State in Lincoln
7 Wisconsin def. 2 Virginia Tech in Blacksburg

Redemption, Part II: K-State travels to Gainesville and knocks off the defending champs.  Meanwhile, Ron Dayne and Wisconsin are two big and strong for Vick, Corey Moore, and Virginia Tech.  So once again, half of the semifinalists come from outside the Top 4.


1 Florida State def. 5 Kansas State in Sugar Bowl
3 Nebraska def. 7 Wisconsin in Rose Bowl
2 Virginia Tech def. 11 Michigan State in Fiesta Bowl
4 Florida def. 9 Michigan in Orange Bowl

The redemption project comes to an end, as FSU holds on to knock of K-State in New Orleans.  Meanwhile, it's the oldest of old-school-football matchups as Eric Crouch and the Huskers knock off Dayne and the Badgers in Pasadena.  Meanwhile, the other two BCS games are a wee bit more attractive and TV-friendly than in 1998.


1 Florida State def. 3 Nebraska in New Orleans

Florida State was simply the best team in 1999.  A tournament wasn't going to change that.

1999 BCS Tournament Champion: Florida State

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