Mizzou Links, 3-10-08

Plenty of pluses and minuses from the weekend...we'll start with the pluses...

With two wins yesterday, Mizzou Baseball swept Indiana State in their home opener, winning 5-1, 9-8, and 6-2 in brittle temperatures.  Aaron Crow and Kyle Gibson were great again (Crow is now 3-0 with a 2.12 ERA and 13.76 K's/9, and Gibson is 3-0 with a 2.79 ERA and 10.71 K's/9), though Rick Zagone continues to struggle (his ERA jumped to 8.10 as he came out of the bullpen in Game 2).  The Missourian has more.

Mizzou Softball went 5-0 at the Under Armour Invitational in Florida this weekend.  That's good, right?  They've now won 12 in a row...

Nick Marable and Max Askren were bright spots in an otherwise disappointing Big 12 Wrestling Tournament, winning at 165 and 197 pounds, while Mike Chandler finished a solid second.  Everybody else?  Eh.  The KC Star has more on Askren.  But I'm stepping on The Beef's all-sports toes, so I guess I'll move to basketball...

First up, the Big 12 tourney bracket is set.  10-seed Mizzou did well in drawing 7-seed Nebraska, with whom they split two games this season (and would have swept if not for the Athena Five), instead of Texas Tech or Oklahoma State, which both beat Mizzou and tied NU at 7-9.  Hopefully Mizzou comes to play this year...last year's tourney effort against Baylor left something to be desired.  The Missourian, as always, has more.

Here are a couple of game stories from Mizzou's formulaic road loss to OU on Saturday (you've probably picked up on my habit--we lose on Saturday, and I don't feel quite the urge to post Links on Sunday): Mizzou limps to finish at Oklahoma (Trib), MU falls apart in loss at Oklahoma (KC Star), Sloppy play sinks MU in Big 12 finale (Post-Dispatch).  Most disturbing development from Saturday?  Mizzou brought back the Baby Poop Gold jerseys.  Eww.

Dave Matter has a nice story on Lorenzo Williams and how his chances of getting drafted are a little higher with NFL teams' new focus on higher-character individuals.  Though I'd be okay with him not getting drafted and just deciding to be a grad asst.

The spring football previews continue.  Dave Matter looks at linebackers, while PowerMizzou takes a look at Spring's most important Tigers and Tigers with pressure to perform.

Finally, apparently the push to make Truman the Tiger a cover boy is doing pretty well so far...

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