Mizzou Links, 6-10-08

Another day, another in-state commitment for the football team. After the out-of-the-blue weekend commitment of Springfield TE Alex Sanders, this one was more predictable: Lee's Summit LB Adam Burton got an offer last week and hinted that a commitment was inevitable...and it was. So that makes nine commits, all from in-state.

Breaking that tally down, we've got four from the St. Louis area--OL/DL Darris Ford, OL Jack Meiners, DT Sheldon Richardson, and DB TJ Moe. Plus, there's St. Louis-ish WR Kerwin Stricker (from Washington, MO).

From the KC area, we've got QB Blaine Dalton (Blue Springs), LB Andrew Wilson (Peculiar), and LB Adam Burton (Lee's Summit). Then we've got the Springfield outlier in Sanders.

It appears we've got five remaining in-state offers out there at the moment--St. Louis' Ronnie Wingo, Montee Ball, and Bryant Allen; KC's Nathan Scheelhaase, and Strafford's Tyler Evans. There's always the possibility for more offers--Rockhurst's Keith Langtry, maybe Hayti DT Craig Robinson--but...that's probably about it. It's a strange feeling actually sealing the borders after years of talking about it, and it comes at a weird time--we're actually recruiting lots of high-profile out-of-state kids, but we'll only have about 11-13 schollies for those kids. Oh well.

The inestimable Big Head has more on Burton and recruiting.

He's still far from beloved in Columbia, but Mike Alden continues to garner respect from other Athletic Directors--he was named Central Region Athletic Director of the Year by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA). He's made a number of mistakes--particularly in the PR category--but there's no question that he's built a healthy, thriving program in his 10 years here.

Well, it appears Danario Alexander's second knee surgery was successful yesterday. Better than being unsuccessful...

Well, the new batch of Mizzou Football commercials are out. They can be viewed by visiting MUtigers.com and clicking on one of the three commercials on the "2008 Football Commercials" link near the top. Not bad. They're silly, and they're no "Brocky IV" or anything, but they're solid. And they're better than most of these, I would say (WAKE UP THE ECHOES!!!!).

Finally, while we're talking about videos...stumbled across this and thought it was worth passing along.

First we've got MU-OU highlights from 1969 (MU won 44-10)...

Then we've got MU-KU highlights from 1969 (MU won 69-21)...the Youtubes come through once again.
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