Mizzou Links, 6-3-08

Well...another day, another football commit. Following up on Darris Ford's Sunday commitment, Ft Zumwalt West ATH TJ Moe officially joined the commit list on Monday. That makes seven commits for Mizzou early on this summer--they're no Texas (19 commits), but they're no K-State (0 commits) either.

(The Post-Dispatch has more on both Ford and Moe.)

So far, none of the 7 commits have been too much of a surprise. They all more or less came from the "All but a Mizzou lock" list of MO kids. Who remains on that list? I would say...

Tyler Evans (Strafford, 6'6/280, Rivals' #8 player in MO)

And that's about it at this point. As far as Rivals knows, Mizzou's offered five other MO kids beyond that...

Ronnie Wingo (St. Louis, 6'2/210, MO #1)
Nathan Scheelhaase (Kansas City, 6'2/185, MO #2)
Montee Ball (St. Louis, 5'11/205, MO #6)
Bryant Allen (St. Louis, 6'0/160, MO#9)
Adam Burton (Lee's Summit, 6'2/225, MO#16)

...and while we're in pretty good shape with all of them (particularly Wingo, I think), we're not exactly locks. Oh, and MO #3, #4, #5, #7, #10, #12, and #13 are already on board. The sealing of borders has certainly started well.

And I guess while the St. Louis one-day camp produced two commits, it doesn't really look like the Springfield camp will produce much...though if we offered Tulsa LB Cody "CT" Wilson, he's ours.

To jump back to baseball for a quick moment, the Trib has a pair of articles from the weekend...the first talking about Mizzou's "Power outage", and the second telling folks to not blame Kyle Gibson for Mizzou's ills. Oh yeah, and Texas A&M prevented the Big 12 from missing out on the Super Regionals entirely. They'll face Rice--to whom they lost 11-2 earlier in the season--this weekend in a 2-of-3 series.

Finally, one of my favorite football stat-nerd blogs, Statistically Speaking (one you're going to hear a lot more about soon), takes a look at what Sam Bradford might do this coming season at OU by taking a look at other QBs who had seasons like the one he had in '07 and returned the next year.

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