Mizzou Links, 7-1-08

We'll start with a really nice story from The Examiner about Chase Daniel's trip to Blue Springs to take part in a QB/WR camp.

Miller approached Daniel, who stuck out his hand and smiled when he saw the Grain Valley resident’s football jersey.

"I just want to thank you for coming back your senior year," Miller said. "I hope you know what that meant to all us fans." Daniel stopped in his tracks, and thanked Miller for the comment.

"I wanted him to know what it meant to the fans like me, the old guys who have followed Missouri all those years," said Miller, who has followed Missouri football since 1957. "I told him that he’s going to experience something that guys like (Kansas State basketball player) Michael Beasley (who left after his freshman year and was the No. 2 overall draft pick in the NBA) will never experience – that’s the college life and love of the fans. We were all afraid Chase would leave after last year, and when he came back, it was like we knew how much he cared for his school, his team and his fans." Daniel’s fans weren’t all old enough to get that senior discount at Bob Evans restaurants.

"I was a little bit in awe when I saw him," said Jared Lanpher, the junior who will start at quarterback this year for the Wildcats. "We all know how busy he is, and for him to come here and work with the camp is awesome. I didn’t get any one-on-one time with him – although I’d have loved that."

Good stuff.

Well, with all the "will he/won't he" speculation that will be taking place around Jeremy Maclin, I guess it's good to know that Sean Weatherspoon isn't gazing longingly out the door--he tells the Post-Dispatch that he's in no hurry to leave Columbia. Of course, if he's suddenly projected as a 1st-rounder, he's probably gone...

On Sunday, Dave Matter took a look at the Big 12's best assistant coaches--now he ranks the O- and D-Coordinators. Matt Eberflus and Dave Christensen come in at #5 and #2 on their respective lists.

Missed this--Mizzourah is attempting a donation drive to help Winfield, MO, which got crushed with floodwater last week after a levee broke last week.

Finally, a quick baseball update...in particular, a Former Tiger update--via simmonsfield.com, I see that Brock Bond has been promoted to the A+ level, and Andrew Johnston has bounced back from a tough 2007.

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