Mizzou Links, 9-22-08

An abbreviated Links today, as I've got the day off and would much prefer to be asleep right now...

First up...my favorite Buffalo wrap-up links:

And from Dave Matter's "Emptying the Notebook" entry...

I thought Missouri’s response to the turnover plague was the story of the game. With his receivers fumbling away his record day, Chase Daniel didn’t lose faith in Chase Coffman, Jared Perry or Jeremy Maclin and kept pumping fastballs in their direction all over the field. And to their credit, the receivers brushed off the giveaways and kept moving the chains. After his second-quarter fumble, Coffman made a diving grab on third down, then snagged a touchdown with his fingertips in the back of the end zone.

Maclin was no less spectacular, especially on what was probably Daniel’s only ugly throw of the day. Taking a hit in the pocket, Daniel floated a pass toward the middle of the field, Maclin put on the brakes, shook off a defender and made the catch while falling backward on his rump.

“How J-Mac ever caught that ball, I have no idea,” Pinkel said after the game.

Coffman and Maclin combined for 24 catches for 252 yards.


[T]hat’s one well coached, physical team [Turner Gill]’s put together. The Bulls weren’t the least bit intimidated and laid some ferocious hits. Talent and depth were on Missouri’s side, but for a while, Buffalo was the more physical team. If the Bulls play the rest of their schedule that way, Gill could win a MAC championship and have a list of head-coaching offers from BCS schools. Syracuse? Arizona? Kansas State? Washington? Tennessee?

For the record, I think Arizona can actually do pretty well in a craptastic Pac 10 this year, so scratch that one off the list.  And hell...Ron Prince just got himself a damn contract extension, so they'd have to really crash and burn this year to get him fired (not that that's impossible)...I'd say Syracuse is possible, as is maybe Washington.  And I do love the Penn State conspiracy theory...

3-star TX LB Chris McAllister: impressed by Mizzou.

Finally, I'm sure Beefy will cover this in more detail, but Mizzou Soccer had a pretty good weekend...and Mizzou Volleyball did not.  Total points-wise, Mizzou and Baylor played to basically a draw, but Baylor won the big points, and the Fightin' Kreklows are not off to a promising start to Big 12 play; they will need to do some work to continue their consecutive NCAAs streak alive...

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