Mizzou Links, 9-24-08

Alright, we'll see if I can sustain an internet connection long enough to write this post this morning...it's been an annoying 48 hours at the Boy household...

Dave Matter says a bye is not always a good thing.  While that's true--and he has some evidence to back it up--I must say I really, really like the timing of this bye week.

Repeat after me: the Heisman is Chase Daniel's to lose.  Has a nice ring to it, no?

The Missourian recaps Gary Pinkel's trip to Bristol.  Good stuff.

On a lighter note, "ESPN First Take" host Jay Crawford asked the coach about his motorcycling habits, a hobby he forbids any of his players from engaging in.
“Well, I’ve got wind issues,” Pinkel said. “It’s very relaxing for me. I’ve got a Jeep, I’ve got a boat. I like wind.”

Making perhaps the most prominent appearance on the national media stage of his career, one might expect Pinkel to be the one with the fidgety mannerisms and camera-shy demeanor. After his interview on "First Take," though, it seemed to be the opposite.

“I don’t mean to imply that Michael Kim doesn’t pay attention to other interviews that we’re doing,” co-host Dana Jacobson said before the show’s next segment. “But when I say that he was just kind of glued listening to that one, it would sort of be an understatement.”

Kim is an MU alumnus from Fulton who recently returned to Columbia for the School of Journalism’s centennial celebration. Later, he caught flack for his wardrobe choice as well: a black tie outfitted with gold diagonal stripes.
Kim playfully dismissed the notion that his newfound attention span and fashion sense happened because of the morning’s guest.

“Oh, Missouri’s here?” Kim said. “I hadn’t noticed that.”

Jared Perry: comeback kid.

Big Head goes to the tale of the tape: Mizzou vs Chiefs vs Rams.

On the recruiting front, it appears that Mizzou has lost one of its targets--4-star TX RB Knile Davis--to Arkansas.  PowerMizzou takes a look at what's left on the RB front.

Kyle Gibson: Mizzou Baseball's next ace.

Finally, if Mizzou Volleyball loses tonight in Lubbock and falls to 0-3 in the Big 12 and 5-7 overall, the NCAA Tournament streak is all but dead...you just can't lose to Tech in volleyball....

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