Getting to Know our Recruiting Class (UPDATED 12/19)

Im new to Rock M Nation but not to SB Nation. To be honest I didnt even know the site existed until not to long ago. I follow Mizzou sports with all my heart. One of my favorite things about college football is recruiting. I have a membership to Rivals, so I get alot of info on several recruits Mizzou has on the Radar or recruits that have given their verbal. I read a post on here where a fan didnt know our recruiting class very good. I just wanted to shine some light on this class, If you love Mizzou football like I do, You need to know about this class so you can A)Get excited B) Be informed. Im going to break it down by posistion. Im also going to include a couple guys that are on the Radar or coming in for visits. More after the Jump.


James Franklin **** 6'3 215 Franklin is the closest thing to Brad Smith Mizzou has had. He is a duel-threat QB but dont let that fool you. He can throw the football as good as anybody. Running is definitly his strong suit though. I have some videos I found on youtube of this kid and there is no doubt he fits Pinkel's offense perfectly. Probably a better fit then Gabbert is right now, Not that Gabbert isnt a good fit. Franklin will probably not Redshirt like some people have assumed. I imagine he will back up Gabbert right away. Ive heard people on Rivals say he could even be a 5 star because of his success in his senior year. Franklin runs a low 4.6 high 4.7 40 so his pretty quick. He is very good at breaking arm tackles too. Franklin is by far my favorite out of all of are recruits. He is one of the more talented and he is even recruiting for us. Daryl Williams (*** OL) is a HS teammate of Franlin and an OU commit, but Williams stills says playing with his boy Franklin would be awesome. I wouldnt be surprise if Daryl Williams rounds out are class later.

Tyler Gabbert is set to visit. However, I cant see him starting over Franklin if he did commit, but he is a very good insurance policy. I could see Tyler Gabbert red-shirting if he does sign. Which I would be ok with.


Kony Ealy **** 6'5 230 Kony is a tall lean prospect. He is very fast running a 4.6 40. Ive seen people say he has broke a 4.5 before but it have never been confirmed. He does have academic Issues but they are not like Sheldon Richardson. He has a 2.5 GPA and will be ready if he can pass his ACT which he plans to take numerous times. Even if Ealy doesnt make the grade it wouldnt be that big of a blow. He is an extreme pass rusher but he still lacks in a couple areas. He is not the best run stopper, and is projected as a weak side DE. No doubt he would be a great combo with  Smith if he was able to come straight to Miz. Ealy had 13 sacks his Sr. Season and even excells at basketball.

Lucas Vincent *** 6'3 267 Lucas is from Olathe and to say he is anything short of a stud is crazy. He is very tuff and very strong. His HS is Undefeated with a state title and he is a beast of a wrestler as well. He should become a pretty impactful player for Mizzou. He is good at stopping thr un, but he is also good at shooting gaps and getting to the QB. Some games, Vincent has just dominated the comp. I think he could be a sleeper in the class.


Nick Demien **** 6'6 295 Nick is by far the best player of the class. He is rated a 4 star and he missed his senior season, That should give you an idea how much this kid can play. He is very athletic, running a 5 second 40. The best part about Demien is his run blocking ability, He has blue chip strength and size. Alot of scouts think he may red shirt but I dont know. If he did redshirt, it could help him heal from injuries. If he played this year he would imediatly be one of the better players on our line. He plays with attitude, HE has been quoted several times about his enjoyment of hitting people hard. Alot of scouts say he would be a great guard but he says he thinks he can play LT. His school is a ryn first offense so pass blocking isnt a strength but he shouldnt have a problem because of his strength and quickness. I think he would start in place of Gregory if he doesnt Red Shirt, eventually starting a tackle when he is needed. In the video I have, You can see he doenst give up on a play, and pushes DE of the ball into the secondary.

Mitch Morse *** 6'6 282 Morse is a very strong linemen. He is also very smart. He is being recruited by Stanford and Vanderbilt if that tells you anything. He is a solid commitment though. Morse's number 1 issue is the level of compeition. He dominates the teams he plays. Mitch is very good against bull rushers but struggles against speed rushers. I could see him playing inside at RG maybe even C.

Antony Gatti *** 6'6 280 Gatti not only has a cool last name but he also has quick feet. In Mizzou's spread offense, Quick feet is a must. Gatti excells against speed rushers and pass blocking. He is very quick for his size. I really dont know how good of a run blocker he is. He has a significant injury to his knee though so he could redshirt his freshman year.


Jimmie Hunt **** 6'1 196 Hunt is a burner, He runs a 4.45 40 but ive read has ran a 4.4 flat several times. He is not only fast but he is also tuff. He not only caught 80+ passes his Junior year but added 90+ tackles on defense. Ive heard people say he could be the Tigers best S by his sophmore year if they wanted him to. He is just a jack of all trades, returning punts, kickoffs, offense, and defense. He was one of our earliest signings and should be a great player for the Tigers. I would like him to play WR unless we can get a couple guys on our radar to make it official.

Triston Holt (****) 6'0 185 Dont be fooled by Holt not being Rated, Some say he is a 4 star at best and a 3 star at worst, Holt was recently given a 4 star rating. Rivals just didnt have film on him until recently. We do know he runs a 4.4 which will be a nice change of pace from what we have had lately. We have had some fast guys but Holt plays fast. He is definitly a sleeper in our class this year. The Coolest part is Holts counter part Braylon Webb is also a Miz commit. Braylon is considered the weaker of the too, but he is also considered a 3 star talent. I really dont know to much about these two other then what Ive heard.

Xaxier Smith *** 5'11 180 Smith is a very physical for his size. He shows good closing speed for only running a 4'49. He also shows good instincts and looks to be a sleeper. His offer list isnt the most impressive, with TCU & Mizzou being the biggest schools. But Smith is a good player with a good character who should be a solid player for Pinkel and the Tigers.

Darvin Ruise (NR) 6'0 200 Ruise plays QB in the option so I was really intrigued by him commited to Mizzou with GT on his list. From the videos Ive saw he looks like a solid option QB at best but will probably play Safety for us. He is a 2 star/ 3 star talent from what ive heard and should be rated soon. I really dont know much about him but there is something wierd about it. Why would you want to play safety for Mizzou when you fit perfect as an option QB for GT. He does run a 4.55 so maybe there is a chance he can make something happen for us.

Daniel Easterly *** 6'4 205 Easterly is currently in a tricky situation. Rivals has him as a soft verbal to the Zookers, but I know for a fact he has changed his commitment to us. He had a visit and liked Mizzou alot. Ive read on Rivals that he looked like a school girl after his visit to Columbia. Thing is he is too big and too slow to play safety, Ive heard he runs anywhere from a 4.7 - a 4.85. He will probably play LB  and special teams for us. He is a sure tackler, If he gets his hands on you, your going down. He also plays with great instincts and knows how to read the QB.

Other Tiger Recruits

E.J Gaines DB *** 5'10 170

Jared Praham LB *** 6'2 220 4.6 40

Greg White ATH*** 6'2  215 4.6 40 RB/LB/DE

Henry Josey ATH (NR) *** 5'10 200 4.4 40 WR/RB/LB/S

Eric Waters*** TE 6'4 215 4.7 40

Braylon Webb DB (NR) *** 6'2 180 ( I dont know anything about him)

On The Rader

Players on the radar will have a number after them in the 1-10 range. 1 being the most likely to sign.

Tyler Gabbert QB **** We all know who he is so I wont spend much time on him. I think he may have better opurtunites somewhere else. I still think we have a good chance to sign him though. Commited

Marcus Lucas WR **** Ive heard people say he is the best 4 star WR in the country. He is tall at 6'5 195 and shows good hands, He grabs the ball at its highest point and definitly would be our best WR. He would probably start as a frashman. His mother also went to Mizzou and has been quoted saying " If it was up to me, He will be a tiger" Ultimatly I think his mother convinces him to go Mizzou. 2

Curtis Carter WR**** Carter is a slot WR from LA, We all know he has decommited from NU just lately. Getting this guy would be awesome. He is very fast, Ive heard that he ran a 4.37 40 this year. Imagine what he could do with some strength and conditioning. I think signing him is highly probable because were in his top 2 along with TCU. I think he could get more exposure with Mizzou. 1

Bud Sasser WR*** Sasser is 6'3 200 and runs a 4.6 40. His top 3 are Mizzou, Arizona, KU in no order. His last visit wil be with Mizzou. I think we have a good shot at signing him. Commited

Daryl Williams OL*** Mizzou is the only thing holding Williams back from fully commiting to OU. I think we have an outside chance at signing this guy. 7

Marcus Murphy RB/ATH*** Murphy is underrated to say the least. He is a small shifty back 5'9 173 kinda like Sproles. He is strong for his size and can kill teams on big plays. His recruiting list is very long but Mizzou is listed as one of his favorites. Commited

This wraps up my post. This year is already our best class ever even before we sign a couple of these big dogs. The WR class should be the deepest its ever been which is good because we need it. Of all the On the Radar Guys, Lucas and Carter should be priority followed by Williams and Murphy. But the weird thing about this year is all of those players could easily sign with Mizzou. In past years, The on the Radar list would usually only end up being one signee but things have definitly changed this year. Right now Mizzou is ranked in the 40s, After Lucas, Carter, and Gabbert sign ( the 3 most probable) We should have a top 20 class. Also, I would like to stress we will onlu have 1 2 star prospect as of now which is definitly a change. I also would like to stress how flawed the star ratings are as well. I think we learned that all americans can be 2 star prospects at the start ( Alexander and Whetherspoon).

UPDATED- Mizzou is now ranked 17th in recruiting. Along with the best QB class in the nation. They should have the best WR in  the nation as well.

Matt Hoch DE ***- has since switched his pledge from Iowa to Mizzou. Commited

Dexter McDonald CB ***- Dexter is probably going to end up with Mizzou. 2 (Just to be safe)

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