Mizzou Wrestling: The Midlands Tournament (3:00 p.m. Update)

Brian Smith has taken his squad back to Northwestern in Chicago for the very prestigious Midlands Wrestling Tournament, which will be contested today and tomorrow.  Early seeding for the Tigers was released here, and now we get to see all of who is participating (as most weight classes have more than one participant per school).  Action has been going since this morning, and I will get us caught up as best I can.  The most up to date results I have seen can be found here and it is what I will use for some analysis.  Mizzou is currently (or as of 1:51 p.m.) in 2nd place to Iowa

125: We did not seem to bring Brad Wisdom, even though had it in the release. 

133: Nathan McCormick was the lone Tiger wrestler at this weight, and he was pinned in the first round of his first match by #4 seed Graff of WI.  In wrestle-backs, he has pinned Mark Ballweg of Iowa in the 2nd period and has another match before potentially meeting #2 seed Senti of Michigan State, who was upset.

141: The Tigers brought FOUR wrestlers at this weight.  Luke Cherep advanced with an 11-9 decision and awaits #1 seed Kennedy (formally of Illinois).  Kyle Bradley lost a tough one in OT in his first match before winning 12-1 in wrestle-backs.  Nick Hucke went two and out, and #10 seed Todd Schavrien won via tech fall in his first match and will wrestle #7 seed Prater of Illinois next.

149: Brandon Weist had a tough draw, facing All-Everything Brent Metcalf in his first match and getting pinned in the 2nd period.  Cody Farinella lost his first bout in a decision but has a 2nd period pin in wrestle-backs so far.

157: #4 seed Patrick Wright got off to a great start with a 2nd period pin and awaits a match against Dooley of Illinois.  

165: #11 seed (yes...he was given an 11 seed, which is pretty impressive considering he is redshirting) Zach Toal lost a close match in the first round while #4 seed Nick Marable  has yet to wrestle, but does have a win after being forfeited to.  He will next wrestle Finch of Iowa State (not their starter)

174: Two more Tiger wrestlers at this class as Todd Porter lost a decision to Burke of Iowa State while #6 seed Dorian Henderson took a major decision to start and now waits to wrestle Duffy of Wisconsin.

184: Welcome back to the mat #1 seed Max Askren who somehow did NOT draw a bye to start the day.  He has a 4-0 decision in his first match and a 17-3 major decision in the next and will take on McCroskey of UT-C in the next round.  

197: Two more Tigers at 197 as Jake Glore won his first match via 2nd period pin, and will move on to face Kennedy of Lehigh who upset the #4 seed in his first match.  Meanwhile, #6 seed Brent Haynes won on a quick pin to start his day and will next face Lofthouse of Iowa.

HWY: The final two Mizzou grapplers, both ranked are underway.  #4 seed Dom Bradley has a 1st period pin, while #6 seed Mark Ellis scored his pin with four seconds to go in the match.  Bradley has Norman of Illinois next, while Ellis will face Minwell of UT-C.  

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