Mizzou Links, 2-20-09

First things first...Defensive Coordinator links!

  • Dave Matter: The latest on Eberflus
    Now, what do the Tigers do? Sources have indicated that Pinkel will turn to linebackers coach Dave Steckel to become Missouri's new defensive coordinator. Steckel, 51, Pinkel's linebackers coach the last eight seasons, has been a college assistant for the last 26 seasons with stops at Toledo, Rutgers, Lehigh, Minnesota, Ball State and Miami, Ohio. (It'll be interesting to see how Steckel's media policy evolves with this promotion. He generally doesn't do interviews, though he grants me one or two a year.)
  • Post-Dispatch: Eberflus leaving Tigers for the NFL

Now...to basketball.  Mizzou finally plays again!

GOOOOOOOSE!!! gets some nice pub.  And then some more nice pub.  I really wish we'd come up with "Grey Goose" a long time ago so it would have at least a small chance of catching on...who doesn't love chanting things with "OOOOOOSE" in the title??

Speaking of good pub, how about this nice story on all seven newcomers?

“One thing about the freshmen,” assistant coach Matt Zimmerman said, “when they do make a mistake, they don’t pout.

“And when we’re in the locker room, celebrating a win and maybe one of them didn’t play, he’s as happy as can be. For the team.”

English says: “Different games take a different something. I don’t care about scoring. When it happens, it happens.”

(Again, just remember...everything happens for a reason.  If recruiting had gone the way we wanted it to go, we'd have ended up with Scott Suggs or Travis Releford and not Kimmie English.  Just thought I'd pound that home one more time, ahem.)

To the sports with balls and bats: The Missourian takes a look at both Mizzou Baseball's season-starting Arizona road trip and Mizzou Softball Coach Ehren Earleywine.

Finally, back to football, where it looks like Chase Coffman will still be slowed at the Combine, but not necessarily Mizzou's pro day in another month or so...which is good, because apparently he still has some questions to answer.

And as always...

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