Championship Week, Day Nine

28 games on the docket for today...a mere pittance compared to tomorrow's 53...god I love Championship Week...

Northeast Conference Finals (at Rock M U)

1 Rock M U Robert Morris v. 2 Mt. St. Mary's (7:00pm on ESPN2 and

Big Sky Finals (at Weber State)

2 Portland State v. 6 Montana State

SWAC Quarterfinals (in Birmingham)

2 Jackson State v. 7 Texas Southern (2:30pm)
1 Alabama State v. 8 Alabama A&M (8:00pm)

MEAC Quarterfinals (in Raleigh)

1 Morgan State v. 8 Florida A&M (6:00pm)
2 S.C. State v. 7 Hampton (8:30pm)
6 Bethune-Cookman v. 11 UM-Eastern Shore (2:00pm--this is a Round 1 game)

Big East Round 2 (at MSG)

8 Providence v. 16 DePaul (11:00am on ESPN)
5 Marquette v. 13 St. John's (1:30pm on ESPN)
7 West Virginia v. 10 Notre Dame (6:00pm on ESPN)
6 Syracuse v. 11 Seton Hall (8:30pm on ESPN)

Big 12 Round 1 (in OKC)

8 Nebraska v. 9 Baylor (11:30am on ESPN+ and
5 Texas v. 12 Colorado (2:00pm on ESPN+ and
7 Oklahoma State v. 10 Iowa State (6:00pm on ESPN+ and
6 Texas A&M v. 11 Texas Tech (8:30 on ESPN+ and

Pac-10 Round 1 (in LA)

7 Washington State v. 10 Oregon (8:00pm on FSN and
8 Oregon State v. 9 Stanford (10:30pm on FSN and

Atlantic 10 Round 1 (in Atlantic City)

8 LaSalle v. 9 St. Louis (11:00am on
5 St. Joe's v. 12 Charlotte (1:30pm on
7 Duquesne v. 10 UMass (5:30pm)
6 Richmond v. 11 St. Bonaventure (8:00pm)

Conference USA Round 1 (in Memphis)

7 Marshall v. 10 Rice (12:00pm on
6 Central Florida v. 11 Southern Miss (2:30pm)
8 Tulane v. 9 East Carolina (6:00pm)
5 Houston v. 12 SMU (8:30pm)

Big West Round 1 (in Anaheim)

5 UC-Irvine v. 8 UC-Davis (8:00pm)
6 UC-Riverside v. 7 CS-Fullerton (10:30pm)

Mountain West Round 1 (in Vegas)

8 Colorado State v. 9 Air Force (4:00pm)

Games of the Day

Rock M U v. Mt. St. Mary's, Portland State v. Montana State
Winner dances.  Or in Montana State's case, winner goes straight to Dayton for the Play-in Game.

Providence v. DePaul
The Friars are probably on the outside looking in right now, but if they can beat DePaul, then beat Louisville tomorrow, that might be enough for them.  And needless to say, if they allow DePaul's win streak to grow to a whopping 2, they're not dancing.

OSU v. ISU, ATM v. Tech
Both OSU and ATM are pretty safely in at the moment, but losses to a bad team like ISU or Tech might give them quite a bit of consternation come Sunday.

La Salle v. SLU
I just wanted to point out that SLU is in a conference that plays its tourney in Atlantic City.  There is nothing Atlantic about SLU.  Just sayin'.

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