What's with all this lyin' around s*?!

[Editor's Note: Promoted from FanPosts. Solid work from our friend mitch cumstein.]

I'm going to channel my inner Bluto Blutarski right now and give this site a little pep talk. (not that this site particularly needs it, most of you are pretty levelheaded ... but I can't post on PM or TB at work, and I really need to give myself a pep talk ... thanks for letting me vent, and feel free to add on).

Was it over when we shot 25 percent at the line in the last five minutes against Xavier? Hell no. Was it over when Dmitri McCamy was raining threes and threading dimes all over the place? No. And it ain't over now!

Yes, yesterday sucked. Extremely. We sucked. kU doesn't suck, which really sucks. Basically, yesterday, we were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.

But a couple points: (1) We still have a great opportunity on Wednesday; (2) No matter what happens on Wednesday, or Saturday for that matter, we're still dancing; and (3) If this were Vegas, we'd still be playing with house money. A lot of house money.

After an insanely hot run at the blackjack table, we're up five figures on the casino. Granted, yesterday was like trying to bluff a pair of eights against a nut flush, but you know what, we were smart and held 75 percent of our chips back in the room safe, just because we thought we might do something horribly wrong.

So now we're back in our room, regrouping, licking our wounds and getting a good night's sleep and getting ready to give the craps table a try.

None of us thought we'd be 24-5 at this point in the season. None of us thought we'd be 11-3 in the Big 12. And none of us thought we'd have a first-round bye locked up at this point in the year.

So, with all that said, let's not let one loss beat us twice. OU is going to be a tough challenge, no doubt. But let's give OU a little taste of what we experienced yesterday, a nasty crowd, an intimidating atmosphere and a barrage of transition buckets. (Oh, and if we do all three, we just might get ourselves a nice little 6-10 big man for next season too). Big game on Wednesday!


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