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I'm a fellow SB-Nation contributer over at Burnt Orange Nation and I’m working on an article about UT’s 2009 Road Trips as Im sure many Longhorns fans are planning on making the trip to Columbia next October (much to your chagrin I'm sure).

Anyway, I’d really appreciate it if you all review my write-up on Columbia and let me know where I've missed the boat or where you might have some suggestions...particularly in the hotel and restaurant/bar sections.

I've based most of this on what I could find online and the one time I attended a game there. I'm sure helping out a Longhorn isn't tops on your list, but I'd greatly appreciate the help and look forward to next October.

Thanks in advance,


Texas vs. Missouri • Faurot Field • Columbia, MO • October 24, 2009

Overview: Galvanized by the success Mizzou has experienced the last couple of seasons, Tigers fans have rekindled their passion for football, and chances are good that both game tickets and hotel vacancies will be equally scarce on Saturdays in Columbia this fall, especially when the Longhorns come to town.

Transportation: Columbia, Missouri is located on I-70, about a two-hour drive from Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, and around 2-1/2 hours from Kansas City’s MCI airport.

Lodging: Faurot Field is located about a mile south of I-70 at the intersection of Stadium Blvd. and Providence Road there are several hotels and motels located nearby to choose from.

Hampton Inn & Suites, 1225 Fellow’s Place, 573-214-2222

Courtyard by Marriott, 3301 Lemone Industrial Blvd., 573-443-8000

Drury Inn, 1000 Knipp Street, 573-445-1800

Restaurants/Bars: Just north of campus is an expansive shopping and dining area called The District featuring several locally owned and operated restaurants, brew pubs, and bistros. 

Harpo’s Bar, 29 S. 10th Street, 573-443-5418

McNally’s Irish Pub & Grill, 7 N. 6th Street, 573-441-1284

Tailgating: Mizzou fans love to pre-game party and are pretty friendly to everyone but Jayhawks fans. Nearly all the parking lots and garages on campus permit open containers on game days and the most popular tailgating spots are in the lots just south and east of the stadium near the Hearnes Center. 

Tickets: Memorial Stadium/Faurot Field can accommodate up to 70,000 and the grassy hill beyond the north end zone features open seating. If tickets can’t be secured through Missouri’s ticket office (800-228-7297,,, try acquiring tickets online via sites such as eBay or Craig’s list. Scalping is legal near the stadium.

Gameday Traditions:
The Big “M” comprised of whitewashed rocks on the hill beyond the north end zone was originally erected before the 1927 homecoming game as a stunt. The school’s nickname was inspired by a group of vigilantes, also called the Missouri Tigers, who banded together to protect the town of Columbia from plundering guerilla bands during the Civil War era. And Mizzou’s mascot, Truman the Tiger, was named after President Harry S. Truman who grew up in Missouri. 

Local Attractions: In October, the weather in Columbia is still very nice and there are several great outdoor recreation options to choose from including bike riding on the Katy Trail, golfing at one of the nearby public courses, and taking a guided canoe or kayak tour on the Missouri River. 

[UPDATE] - My sincere appreciation to RockM for all the good feedback below and a promise that I will not be bringing a sleeveless Wooderson to patrol the sidelines looking to plant his fun baby's placenta somewhere in Faurot Field.

One thing you guys did fail to mention though, that I've now been made abundantly aware of, is the fact that the Texas game happens to coincide with your Homecoming Weekend, which apparently is a big deal because you all invented homecoming of something like that. Not that the Longhorns want to enter a float in the parade or anything, but if say we crash the House Dec that Neidermeyer and his band of Alphas put together, don't hold it against us.  

Loooking forward to the clash next October.

Best regards.



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