My Heartbreaking Story

The  Big XII Tournament. The big stage. A chance for the undefeated Missouri football Tigers to go to the BCS Title Game. A Texas Tech team with a terrible defense. This is my story.

I was undefeated heading into the Big XII championship, Tech was 11-1. Tech had the best offense in the country. I had the second. I had the best defense. Uhh... Tech's was in the 100s. Each quarter would be 10 minutes long. A perfect setup for a blowout. I was dooming myself.

I struck the first blow, a 33 yard TD strike to Cheat Code. TT quickly answered. It continued until 2:30 or so left in the first quarter. My first mistake. Parry was open, I pressed the circle button. A player decides to run five times faster than he is capable to catch my pass. I go to "Super Sim" because defense is very boring. I was then down by seven. Two more interceptions later, I'm down by three scores. 21. If this was blackjack, I would be elated.

We traded TDs until the forth quarter. I get a lucky turnover, lead down to 14. Seven minutes left. I force a punt, lead down to seven. We trade scores once again until I recieve the ball with 1:33 left, still down by seven. Chase Daniel sets up at shotgun at the 11 yard line. I swing Kemp down the middle, going up into the endzone. Pefect pass, perfect catch, perfect kick. The game is tied. But not for long...

Texas Tech drives down the field, scoring with three seconds left. I'm down seven, but confident. When Tech kicks off. I let it bounce for a touchback. I hurry to find Hail Mary, in the formation Shotgun Spread. I keep my eyes plastered on Maclin, my only hope.

Maclin rushes down the field and is left wide open. I hurl the ball at him. 

He's wide open.

The throw is on target.

He's still wide open.

It's in his hands!

It's on the ground.

I rush to press quit, hoping to salvage the victory with quick thinking. One simulation later, Missouri has their first loss of the season. 

The Playstation 2 is off.

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