Meme Madness: Boulevard Regional Semifinals

In the vortex of large-scale athletic emptiness until football season begins again, we're passing the days here at Rock M Nation with Meme Madness, a 32-entry, bracket style blowout to determine the best theme/inside joke RMN has to offer. The full bracket can be found here.

Today, we feature the second semifinal matchup in the Boulevard Regional.

No. 2 Brass Bonanza vs No. 6 Handshakes


Big Meme Conf. (Misc.)

Big Meme Conf. (Misc.)

There's nothing quite like the official celebratory music of Rock M Nation. There's a reason we let it play in its entirety at the end of the postgame podcast following Missouri's win over Memphis to reach the Elite Eight.

Yes, in a short time, Brass Bonanza has become as much a part of Rock M Nation as any member or any other meme.

We all feel the hurt of the Hartford Whalers absence from the NHL, but that's no good excuse to let the euphonious melody of Brass Bonanza go to waste.

While we get an occasional bittersweet laugh at Brass Bonanza's evil counterpart (Total Eclipse of the Heart), there's nothing quite like the explosion of brass to accompany us into discussion of Mizzou's epic successes.

The question now becomes: If Brass Bonanza wins Meme Madness, would using it as celebration music for its own celebration tear a hole in the Internets and the space-time continuum?

FIRST ROUND: def. No. 7 ghtd36's manlove of Kendial Lawrence

It may not be SIZZLING BACON ACTION, but the Missouri football team may have the most underrated touchdown celebration in America.

Is it an elaborate team celebration, an individual dance, or a way to draw attention to individual success? Nope. It's a handshake. Why? Because when Mizzou gets in the endzone, it's just business, baby.

The background behind the handshake was fully examined in a 2007 video loaded on YouTube, reiterating that Missouri players wanted to "act like we've been there before."

As a result, the handshakes caught on around Rock M Nation, with Live Threads being littered with exclamations of "HANDSHAKES!!!" and images/GIFs of the meme after touchdowns.

With Mizzou football in the midst of a big time transition going into the season, two questions about the Gabbert era remain:

  1. How the Gabbert-led offense perform?
  2. Will the offense continue the most excellent tradition of the touchdown handshake?
If not, you can count on RMN to keep this celebration and this underrated meme going into the future.

FIRST ROUND: def. No. 3 Kimmeh!


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