Mizzou Links, 5-14-09

So Rivals.com has put out a new Rivals 150 for the basketball class of 2010, and Mizzou finds its name on a few lists.

If Mizzou is to suddenly appear on some more big-time players' lists over the summer, just based on the location of the players and the areas we tend to recruit, be on the lookout for the following names (not saying we will end up having a chance with these guys, just using the power of deduction):

Thanks to John Underwood and Tyler Stone, size isn't going to be as much of a factor in the 2010 class.  If we've got three scholarships available, expect probably a PG, a SG-SF, and a PF-C.

The main problem here is...where's the local talent?  We hope to land Rock Bridge's Ricky Kreklow this year--he doesn't have a national profile yet, but with the offers he's probably going to end up putting together, it wouldn't surprise me to see him end up in the #101-150 range.

Otherwise, that's it for big-time in-state talent.  2009 produced only 3-star's Mike Dixon (Mizzou) and Tyler Griffey (Illinois).  2008?  Scott Suggs (4-star, Washington), Marcus Denmon (3-star, Mizzou), and Anthony Booker (4-star, SIU, no offer from Mizzou).  Just not a lot of in-state talent to work with here, which is fine if we're really going to start raiding Memphis for big-time guys, but still...an occasional local guy you don't have to recruit very hard to land would be a lovely idea.

Screwed in the NCAA Tourney seeding?  No worries for Mizzou Softball...bring it on...

Via SImmonsField.com I find this blurb from a Baseball America podcast:

•Second place in the Big 12 - that's kind of what we thought they would do.

•I'm worried about them. I don't know if I trust the Johnny Wholestaff thing in the postseason.

It seems to happen at Missouri every year, that there's a couple of guys that just aren't as good as we thought they'd be.

Really?  Who was it last year?  The year before that?  Clearly BA overrates us more often than not, but still...who?


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