Mizzou Links, 6-8-09

Well, the biggest news of the weekend, and all of last week for that matter, was the three Mizzou camps that took place, capped by St. Louis over the weekend.  Over a thousand kids attended the three camps--it continues to grow every year.  That is a VERY good thing.  But speaking specifically to the St. Louis camp, PowerMizzou has great coverage of the JImmie Hunt commitment and the offer of another Cahokia athlete.

The other news from the end of the week: Blaine Dalton faces only a misdemeanor and is back with the team.  From Dave Matter:

As for Dalton, it wasn’t the best week for the already enrolled freshman quarterback from Blue Springs, but his April brush with Columbia police was officially put to rest. Boone County prosecutors didn’t have the evidence to charge Dalton with felony drug possession stemming from his late-night traffic stop, instead slapping him with three misdemeanors. Dalton was breezed in and out of court Friday morning and pleaded guilty, ending what Missouri fans hope is Dalton’s last series of headlines involving anything other than football. Here’s hoping the young quarterback takes home one lesson from his run-in. It’s the same lesson former Tiger star Jeremy Maclin learned when he was caught in the middle of Marquis Booker’s 2008 arrest on gun charges.

"You’ve just got to know that you have to make the right decisions," Maclin told me last summer. "Because not only can you let your team down, but it’s going to be front page of the news the next day."

To the end of the Illinois-Mizzou rivalry--the Post-Dispatch writers sound off.

The game in The Ed was a great idea when both programs were scuffling. The major market exposure helped the Tigers and Illini equally. But both schools have moved up in the world, raising expectations. Now both schools must maximize their home schedule. Neither school is thrilled about playing such a dangerous non-conference game on a neutral field. Ending the St. Louis game was totally understandable. This is bad for local fans, but good both schools.

Dave Matter ranks the Big 12's top pass catchers for 2009...

To baseball, where trripleplay throws together the most recent Kyle Gibson links.  Bad time for a stress fracture.  Actually, I have some advice, Kyle: come back for your senior year.  Go for the #1 pick.  Yep.  No self-interest in that advice whatsoever.

Finally, it's becoming more and more likely that DeMarre Carroll will be a first-round draft pick this summer...how great is that...

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