Mizzou Links, 6-9-09

Today's the MLB Draft...after today, we'll get not only a look at who Aaron Crow and Kyle Gibson will be pitching for, but also how Mizzou's 2010 team may shake down...links!

  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Crow in catbird seat after stint in Fort Worth
  • The Missourian: Missouri baseball players wait for MLB Draft results
  • Post-Dispatch: Kyle Gibson strengthens case as high pick
  • San Diego Union-Tribune: Padres have solid options at No. 3, and they might even have the cash
  • San Diego Union-Tribune: Baseball draft player capsules
    A year ago, the hard-throwing [Aaron] Crow was the hot property, if not quite Strasburg-ish. Coming out of Missouri as the nation's most well-regarded right-hander, he proved too hot for the Washington Nationals, who drafted him ninth overall and couldn't sign him, whereupon Crow decided to bide a year of his time and play independent ball. He should be much more signable now.
  • MLB.com: Whole new world for Draft begins today--MLB Network, MLB.com have live coverage of every pick

To football, where Dave Matter caught up with Gary Pinkel at Mizzou's St. Louis camp this weekend for a quick Q&A for Case of the Mondays...

BTS: As far as Sheldon Richardson, what are your thoughts on him needing to take the junior college route?

Pinkel: This is all I’m going to say: Like Damien Nash, there was an A plan and a B plan. If the A plan works, that’s fine. Let’s roll. If not, he can still graduate from Mizzou. He can still be a great football player. He can still accomplish all his goals. There’s just a little detour here. He’s going to do Plan B. he can still be a great player and still graduate from college, which at Mizzou, he will. But we also didn’t wake up one day and say, ‘Oh my gosh!’ we were aware of what’s happening a year and a half ago, as we are with all our kids.

Here's Matter's overall Trib article about the camps; plus, PowerMizzou thinks more Cahokia kids than just Jimmie Hunt will end up in Mizzou uniforms...

The NCAA Outdoor Track & Field championships are this weekend, and The Trib has a nice profile of sophomore Tiger decathlete Lars Rise...complete with a great headline...

Finally, an entertaining post from T. Kyle at DawgSports--how good-looking is your head coach's sister?  The moral case for abolishing overtime in college football.  Not saying I agree, but it's a fun read.

Oh yeah, and just for fun...

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