Oklahoma State Links!

Nebraska Week is over, and we move to week two of the conference season.  It's on to this year's Texas Tech in terms of hype, Oklahoma State.  As we'll learn this week, they are extremely senior-laden (including Dez Bryant, who is most likely gone after this year), and despite the fact that Zac Robinson and Kendall Hunter are both only juniors, this does take on the same now-or-never feel that Texas Tech and Missouri faced last season.  To the links!

Hype Hype Hype

2008 Wrap-Up

Spring Football Links

  • OKState.com: Orange Edges White to Cap Spring Practice
  • OKState.com: Gundy Meets with the Media to Preview Spring Football

Et Cetera

  • Tulsa World: Q&A with OSU's head coach Mike Gundy
    Now that you're more than two months removed from spring football, and you've reviewed everything thoroughly, do you remain confident that new defensive coordinator Bill Young can get better results from your defense this season?

    I feel good about it. I like Bill Young. We made the right move to hire him. We'll be better on defense. Last season, we showed improvement, but we weren't good enough. I think we'll be even better this season.
  • Tulsa World: Holding pattern: After a huge financial hit, will OSU's Athletic Village ever become a reality?
    "(Pickens) was within a day or two of pulling the plug (moving the money and beginning the Athletic Village projects). Before (the stock market) ever started going down, he talked about getting out of it. You can't do anything about it now, except to start over. The really bad part is that we had to cash out of our investments, so we don't have anything earning now. There's nothing making money for us right now. The economy is coming back and the market is going to come back, but, as of now, we don't have any investments. We're totally dependent on fund-raising. If anyone out there wants to build a track or a tennis stadium or a baseball stadium, call me."

    OSU was left with enough money $125 million salvaged from the facilities fund, along with $63 million donated by Pickens in October, $35 million borrowed from the OSU Foundation, and $10 million in funds raised by Holder last fall to complete the Boone Pickens Stadium renovation project.
  • Daily Oklahoman: [OSU Assistant] Robert Gillespie is a hard-core coach
  • Daily Oklahoman: Freshmen report to campus

And here's a decent Oklahoman video on Bill Young, OSU's new Defensive Coordinator...potentially the single biggest X-factor in OSU's 2009 season.

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