Mizzou Links, 8-11-09

Practice Links!

  • Dave Matter: Monday Practice Report
    There hasn’t been much talk about Missouri’s offensive line, but the more I see from the front five, the better I feel about Blaine Gabbert’s chances of having a successful debut season. The two new starters have arguably been the most impressive through four days of practice — and it’s not like left guard Austin Wuebbels and right tackle Dan Hoch are surrounded by three slouches either. The first round of 1-on-1 pass-rush drills went to the defense 6-4, but remove defensive end Aldon Smith from the equation and it’s a fair fight between the lines. Just like the spring, Smith has been virtually unblockable. He slipped past Hoch twice early, but Hoch came back strong on another rotation and got the best of Brian Coulter.
  • PowerMizzou: Monday Practice Report
    No doubt Jimmy Costello is the #2 quarterback right now. He hit Michael Egnew for a big gain down the sideline on the first play. He also threw touchdowns to Jerrell Jackson and Woodland later on.
  • Mutigers.com: Tigers put on pads for first time
  • Dave Matter: Barnes delivers BTS Quote of the Day
  • PowerMizzou: Monday practice photos

As always, some video from Dave Matter and The Trib...

Gary Pinkel, Aug. 10 from Dave Matter on Vimeo.

Other videos: Tim Barnes via The Trib and PMTV ($).

Other Mizzou Football Links!

  • KC Star: New defensive end could create monstrous line for Mizzou
    "We’re all together," chimed in Aldon Smith. "You can’t split us up."

    Students of Greek mythology or Japanese monster films will see an analogy.  The Hydra. Cut off one head, and two more grow instantly in its place.

    King Ghidorah, a 25,000-ton three-headed monster with the Thunder Spark electric bite.

    Smith, Smith and Coulter. Missouri’s three-headed monster.
  • PowerMizzou: Like Father, Unlike Son: Week One Review
  • The Missourian: Hard for new Missouri kicker to match Wolfert's success
  • Post-Dispatch: Gary Pinkel fields his fastest team

Here's a Fan Day video from Palestra.net...

Big 12 (and other Mizzou Opponent) Links!

  • Bring On the Cats: Prince Wants Another $3 Million for Being a Horrible Football Coach
  • Rock Chalk Talk: Preseason Positional Breakdowns: Quarterback
  • Dr. Saturday: Life on the Margins: Progressing to the mean with Illinois
  • Daily Oklahoman: OU football notebook: Because of injuries, tight end Brody Eldridge is working at center
    At the moment, with starting center Ben Habern dealing with a flaring muscle in his back and top reserve Brian Lepak out at least another week with a high-ankle sprain, Wilson has tight end Brody Eldridge working at center with the first-team offense.

    "If we were playing today, and Ben is limited and Lepak is limited, who’s your center? It’s probably Brody," Wilson said. "One of the reasons for moving Brody there, other than him being an outstanding blocker, is we’re pretty good at tight end. Brody is one of our best blockers."
    Why is this great news?  Because that means my boy Trent Ratterree (little brother of my high school best friend) is in line for a potential starting job if Eldridge has to stay at center.  So no offense to Ben Habern or anything, but...stay hurt, Ben.
  • Omaha World-Herald: Huskers lean on O-line


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