This is Jinx

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Many of you are familiar with JINXes because you perpetually jinx Missouri and it's great players. 

I pretty much walked through life without a care and without a "jinx" in my life until I met my husband Steve.  I was a fledgling lawyer and he ran his own business.  Meeting at a Chiefs game sparked a love affair with the Chiefs.  It was only until I viewed my first Tiger basketball game with his friends that I learned this was an insanely superstitious bunch.

At that time, I was mostly with Stevie - "Superstition ain't the way."

But this group had rituals to outdo anything I had ever seen - running around the block, forcing one of the crew to leave and listen to the game on his radio in the car (forbotten to return unless the Tigers retook the lead), blocked phone numbers on game day and more.

The Chase Daniel era brought a welcome change to these Tiger fans.  They felt confident in pre-conference games - no longer bedeviled by the likes of Troy & Bowling Green.  But maybe I missed part of the ritual, part of the superstition.  So when said husband informed me that our Beaker friends were coming over for dinner and the Bowling Green game, I replied, "Oh really?"  He pooh-poohed me with, "I don't believe in any of those jinxes any more." 

We prepared a lovely dinner for our Jayhawk friends and settled in to watch the game.  Things did not seem to be going well.  Blaine "Sermon on the Mount" Gabbert seemed to be feeling pressure when none was there.  In fact, I daresay Blaine's blainess was bleak.  And you may give me -1000 Blaineys, but my dire warnings of alll things Blaine went unheeded and we were rewarded with a humiliating "Fail" in the first half.  

So rather than wait and see what the Tigers were going to do, I jumped off the couch and started cleaning the kitchen.  I thought that luck would turn our way if my kitchen was clean, and I refused to watch another minute of Tiger football until that shit was sparkling.



And lo & behold, the Tigers made a stop and began their comeback. 

We also benefitted from the Hustle & Flow reference from Zaire Taylor during the halftime show which I correctly predicted as a gamechanger for our Tigers

So poo-poo to you who poo-poo me for my superstition but if I had not gone into that kitchen and cleaned it up and if they hadn't done that spot with Zaire & the bball team, then the Tigers would have probably lost.


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