Things were a little too quiet...

So I started a "Say Something Ridiculous About the Big 12" contest on Twitter. Here's some selected fun from what's gone down so far:

Note: I stopped updating this thread around 3:10. If you've seen/If you have anything good still, put it in the comments.

rockmnation: I love visiting Lubbock for the culture. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

ChiSoxExaminer: Colorado's offense gives them a chance to win every game. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

hollenbach16: Waco, Texas breeds football players #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

shepshepherd: @rockmnation The November weather in Ames is always absolutely GORGEOUS. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

rockmnation: Texas lacks the resources to compete in the Big 12. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

Huskerh8er: I once was ticketed for buying clove cigarettes in Boulder, CO #saysomethingridiculousaboutthebig12

Ausgiano: Allen Fieldhouse may be reduced in size to allow for more football parking. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12 @RockMNation

tepper: Carson Coffman > Chase Coffman. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

rockmnation: Mike Leach's lack of personality is appalling. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

ChiSoxExaminer: Colorado basketball. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

ChiSoxExaminer: Lil' Red does not haunt the nightmares of @BillConnelly1 #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

Huskerh8er: @rockmnation Rex Burkhead will win back to back Heisman's at Nebraska. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

rockmnation: Austen Arnaud is far and away the best pure passer in the Big 12. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

rockmnation: Toughest place to play? Floyd Casey Stadium, hands down. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

hollenbach16: #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12...Todd Reesing is the hands down the most talented QB in the Big 12

kbrownbear: #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12... KUs defense is a force to be reckoned with.

trumantickets: Dan Hawkins is an awesome coach! #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

trumantickets: Cody Hawkins for Heisman. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

laymanj: @rockmnation the big 12 has the best TV contract hands down. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

rockmnation: The problem with College Station? Too many hippies. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

trumantickets: 77% of Oklahoma students polled can't name the first President. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12. Oh wait - that's actually true.

drdevon: @rockmnation toughest place to play Jack Trice Stadium ... For home team #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

hollenbach16: The only thing that is caught in lawrence is herpes. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

Ausgiano: Ames would be a lot nicer if it had a wind chill #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

tepper: Dan Hawkins will be a hot candidate for the Notre Dame job should it come open. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

Huskerh8er: "Lawrence Needs Football in his Life" wait..that actually happened. #saysomethingridiculousaboutthebig12

rockmnation: Imagine if Oklahoma State had a rich benefactor. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

kevinjgier: Texas Tech has always been a bastion of smash-mouth football #saysomethingridiculousaboutthebig12

rockmnation: Rhett Bomar's true passion is car sales. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

ThespianSheldon: Texas schools prefer out of state walkons rather than homebred Texan athletes. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

afastidioushat: Larry Asante is the best defender in the Big XII. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

rockmnation: Bill Snyder's youth is the key to Kansas State's success. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

tepper: Texas A&M institutes a reasonable tradition. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

ChiSoxExaminer: Cole Aldrich is generally regarded as a good-looking human being. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

ThespianSheldon: Nebraska was doing fine without Bo Pelini. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

trumantickets: #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12 Conservative Christians have a stronghold in Boulder.

mcboomofdoom: blaine gabbert has the arm strength of a six year old girl #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

rockmnation: I don't understand the allure of Texas cheerleaders in chaps. #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

mcboomofdoom: Nebraska has restored the order #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

rockmnation: Why does everyone on Colorado's campus hate Dave Matthews Band and Phish? #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

tepper: Mark Mangino only made six trips to the buffet last night! #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

sparksjay: #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12 Pretty sure UT won't be favored in the BIg 12 Champ. Game.

mcboomofdoom: Iowa State has a storied, prestigious program that is the envy of the nation #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

trumantickets: #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12. Xavier & C.J. Henry have ZERO egos

mcboomofdoom: Aquamarine is the official color of Nebraska Football #SaySomethingRidiculousAboutTheBig12

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