Mizzou Links, 9-22-09

Media Day Links!

  • Dave Matter: Pinkel discusses Nevada, depth chart changes
    on Brinkley becoming the No. 1 tight end:
    "We can move those around a little bit. We had him at tight end before. He came in as a good athlete. We had him at snapper. The discussion is do we want a snapper as good as he is, do we want him to compete at the other positions? So, we put him at wide receiver. We know good and well he can be a tight end also. We just think right now that it’s going to be close. It’s something he deserves and Andrew will compete there also. They’re both going to play. But he's certainly got the size to play tight end also. We just thought it was the right thing to do."
  • Dave Matter: Tigers Meet the Press
  • Mutigers.com: Tigers Meet with the Media
  • PowerMizzou: PMTV: Pinkel meets the press
  • Post-Dispatch: Beau Brinkley steps into tight-end role

Nevada Links!

  • Mutigers.com: Official release!!!
    With a school-record 12 wins in 2007, and 10 more wins in 2008, (the first time Mizzou has had double-digit win totals in consecutive years), plus a 3-0 start to the 2009 season, MU’s three-year win total of 25 is tied for the most in the nation during that time period.
  • KC Star: Gabbert's cool could be tested at Nevada
  • The Missourian: Schedule shift requires changes for Missouri football team
  • Post-Dispatch: Missouri dealing with rigors of unusual schedule
  • PowerMizzou: PMTV: Tigers talk Nevada
  • Reno Gazette-Journal: Slow start has fans fuming
  • Reno Gazette-Journal: Feeling blue: Team, fans frustrated by slow start
    Judging by comments left by fans on RGJ.com after the Notre Dame game (a 35-0 loss on Sept. 5) and the Colorado State game (a 35-20 loss on Saturday), Tomey is accurate about the "everyone is down on you" statement.

    More than 100 readers left comments on each game story, high numbers for any story, and they have plenty of theories as to why the Wolf Pack has struggled. The most common thread is Ault, who in his 25th season is looking for his 200th win (he's 198-93-1). Some fans -- it is unclear if it is just a few or several -- are even calling for a boycott of Friday night's home-opener against Missouri and further games until Ault is fired.
  • The Nevada Sagebrush: Payback on Pack's agenda after big loss
  • The Nevada Sagebrush: Bar was set too high for Nevada
  • The Nevada Sagebrush: Nevada still hurting itself
  • The Nevada Sagebrush: The Wolf Pack's teams are in serious danger of losing fans
  • The Nevada Sagebrush: Hopes for Better 2nd Year

Other Mizzou Football Links!

Big 12 Links!

Other Mizzou Links!

  • MU Volleyball
    Our Very Own Uribe Auction: A quick look at where MU Volleyball stands through 12 matches

    The trio of Julianna Klein (136 kills), Rosa Medrano (112 kills), and Paola Ampudia (87 kills) provide great scoring potential from the outside hitter position. Catie Wilson has been great at the net, tallying 98 kills with a .335 hitting percentage. With Amanda Hantouli, Wendy Wang, and Brittney Brimmage all available to play middle blocker as well, Mizzou has excellent depth there as well.

    Caitlyn Vann has been her usual steady self at libero while Priscilla Armendariz and Annie Lopez have both filled in nicely as defensive specialists. So there’s more depth.

    We Are Mizzou: A Special Thanks From the Mizzou Volleyball Team (GREAT photo gallery here)
    Mutigers.com: Paola Ampudia Repeats as Big 12 Rookie of the Week
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