More Fun With Angry Nevada Fans

So today in the links there were a bunch of links to the Reno Gazette Journal. This of course is the primary newspaper that covers Nevada University Sports. So after I read them I started reading comments. And man are those fans pissed!! Here are some of the comments

(comments after the jump)

freddfarkle wrote:
Who is surprised by the national embarassment? It's almost worse than losing 69-6. Defense was out of place, tackling lessons must start in November and an offense that gives up the ball more than completed passes. Give me a break.

Continue to stick with Ault and Groth, continue to accept mediocrity because that's all they will bring you. Their sum total of accomplishments is to bring bigger teams to Mackay. Whoop-t-do. They can't even fill the stadium with those teams. Several wide angle shots showed large open areas in the stands and several very bright yellow sections. Now that's embarassing.
9/27/2009 8:40:27 AM sweetlu388 wrote: FIRE AULT!!! BeingCensored wrote:

Go get some Prune juice at Walmart old grumpy guy.

I think that's where Ault gets his...

36chambers wrote:
I think we can all agree...It's a tough time to be a pack fan right now. Maybe we can start a letter to move the pack back to BIG SKY so we can enjoy stomping on ppl again.
Bounty80 wrote:
AULT is overated, a joke, and needs to be fired period I expected this loss and it will continue to keep happening. Always remember your team reflects leadership. AULT is not a leader never has been and never will be. I do not want to hear this crap about his record he has not won squat as a Div 1-A coach nor do I want to hear that he beat these teams. He has not won a game to be considered a big game and UNLV is not crap. I will bet UNLV being that I know I will make money. FIRE AULT he is crap and always will. Play reflects leadership.
9/26/2009 11:42:32 AM okaysmartpeople wrote:
Our defense is pathetic, I couldn't believe it. We gave up 400 yards in passing, no difference from last year. MIZ quarterback was overthrowing guys all night, but still managed to shred our clowns on 3rd and 20. Moch and the defensive line has got to be sick right now, all that pressure and it is like we don't even have a secodary and safeties, they suck. If Ault doesn't need to go, which he doesn, Nigel Burton should've been fired last year. Hey NIGEL we have the worst pass D in the country again. Did you know MIZ only had like 5 returning starters. More excuse for Ault, you fans think that was football last night. Wish I went to a high school game. At least we got a mercy touchdown at the end of the game, that made it close. This season is a disappointment, Ault has the only game that keeps his job next week against boring UNLV. The fans should be excited, in state rivalry, I say the pack starts a new one against McQueen, maybe Hug, they have players with more heart.
9/26/2009 11:31:41 AM shotthesheriff wrote:  $30 for a home game?!?! Outrageous!!!!! WTF? $30? really? We don't complain when it's 50 do we? yeah. They're really pissed right now.

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