The Missouri Tigers All-Season Team: Jerrell Jackson


As we put a wrap on the roller coaster ride of a rebuilding season in 2009, I've decided to ask for the community's help in fashioning the 2009 Mizzou All-Season Team. Just like I did in 2007 before the Cotton Bowl, putting together the All-Season Team will help recognize the top performances of the season at each position this past year.

Today, we look for Jerrell Jackson's biggest game. Nominees after the jump.

NOMINEES (in chronological order):

- Jerrell Jackson vs. Furman: To be fair, though, who didn't have a good game against Furman?

THE LINE: 4 rec., 64 yards, 16.0 avg.

- Jerrell Jackson vs. Colorado: Jerrell only had one catch for five yards against the Buffs. Why is that performance on this list? Just so I have an excuse to embed this:

THE LINE: 1 rec., 5 yards, 5.0 avg.

- Jerrell Jackson vs. Kansas State: It's surprising to no one that Jackson was playing second fiddle to Alexander in Manhattan, but against Kansas State, JJ was the secondary threat we all hoped he'd be.

THE LINE: 6 rec., 78 yards, 13.0 avg.

- Jerrell Jackson vs. Iowa State: Perhaps buoyed by his performance the previous week, Missouri tried to get the ball into Jackson's hands on three of the first five plays against Iowa State, resulting in a 5-yard rush and two incomplete passes. His shining moment on his career day would come in the 3rd quarter, when he hauled in a 70-yard touchdown pass and ran free down the West sideline to erase Mizzou's 7-point halftime deficit (Photo by RMN's Bill Carter):


THE LINE: 8 rec., 142 yards, 17.75 avg.

- Jerrell Jackson vs. Kansas: The 5-for-54 receiving line wasn't all that impressive, although it did once again represent a step forward in his growth as a solid second option. His biggest contribution came on the ground, when he took a jet sweep around right end, followed a block by DeVion Moore, and outran several KU defenders to the endzone for a 37-yard touchdown (Photo by Bill Carter):


THE LINE: 5 rec., 54 yards, 10.8 avg.


2009 Missouri Tigers All-Season Team



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