Mizzou Links, 10-4-10

Photo via Bill Carter.

Mizzou Football Links

  • The Missourian: Missouri experiments with running game

    The coaches are fortunate to have such depth at running back. Pinkel said he caught some criticism for recruiting so heavily at the position in recent years, and that the coaches are aware such a rotation would be impossible in other programs. However, after Josey and Murphy showed off their skills in the first few games of the season, Pinkel decided that the depth chart would allow for split playing time.

    "We’ve learned a little bit about ourselves, you know, and that capability of a couple of our young players, too," Pinkel said.

    In such a system, it is more difficult for one player to post record-breaking numbers. While this might cause resentment among the three, it hasn’t yet this season.

    "We’re all cool with it and everything, and we’re talking to each other about everything a lot," Josey said.

  • KBIA Sports Extra: Non-conference chat: Deep linebacker corps tested early
  • Revisiting Fifth Down
    Post-Dispatch: Hard to live down
    Post-Dispatch: Fifth down problem not likely today (Um, it wasn't very likely then either.)
  • NFL.com: Brad Smith throws touchdown pass

Big 12 Links

Mizzou Basketball Links

Mizzou Volleyball Links

  • Mizzou 3, Colorado 0
    MUtigers.com: Volleyball Sweeps Colorado
    KBIA Sports Extra: Missouri volleyball rebounds with sweep of Colorado
    The Trib: Missouri volleyball gets back into the swing against Colorado
  • The Missourian: Missouri Women's Athlete of the Decade broadcasts for Missouri volleyball (Do check out who she is pictured with in this article)

Mizzou Soccer Links

  • Oklahoma State 3, Mizzou 1
    MUtigers.com: Missouri Drops to Oklahoma State
    The Trib: Tigers shut down by OSU keeper
  • Mizzou 2, Oklahoma 1
    MUtigers.com: Mizzou Defeats the Sooners
    The Missourian: Bonnick's heroics lead MU soccer to victory

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Softball
    MUtigers.com: Softball Coasts to a Pair of Wins
    The Trib: Missouri gets commitment from high-profile pitcher

    As a freshman at Good Counsel, Va., last season, Finucane (14-2, 0.35 ERA) threw five no-hitters and struck out 222 of the 408 batters she faced. She also went 48-4 with an 0.49 ERA, 32 shutouts and 579 strikeouts for her Virginia-based travel club, which finished among the top 25 at the ASA Nationals in August.

    The Washington Post named Finucane, 15, to its All-Met team, while ESPN RISE nominated her for Gatorade National Player of the Year.

    Why Missouri? Beyond the program’s rising status after back-to-back appearances at the College World Series, David Finucane said the separating factors were MU’s coaching staff and journalism school — Tori is interested in sports media.

    "She had been to UCLA, which was a great campus with a great coaching staff also," David Finucane said. "But this just seemed like the right fit for her."

    Earleywine, who is not permitted to discuss specific recruits, said the program’s recruiting rocketed to new levels this summer.

    "These are probably the most exciting days I’ve experienced as a coach, these last few months," he said. "Things are really starting to fall our way."

  • Mizzou Swimming & Diving
    MUtigers.com: Mizzou Takes First in Show-Me Showdown
    The Missourian: Missouri swimmers cruise in new coach's debut
    The Trib: MU swim coach wins debut
    The Missourian: New Missouri swim coach looking to 'build something'


  • MGoBlog: Spread Is Dead Update: Still Not Very Dead
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