Mizzou Links, 11-1-10

LINCOLN NE - OCTOBER 30: Nebraska Cornhusker fans cheer a goal line stand during second half action of their game at Memorial Stadium on October 30 2010 in Lincoln Nebraska. Nebraska Defeated Missouri 31-17. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)

A few more Mizzou-Nebraska links...

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Emptying the Notebook

    ● Let’s not get ahead of ourselves too much, but is there a chance Missouri could pull the same BCS sneak attack that Kansas did in 2007? Suppose Missouri and Nebraska win the rest of their regular-season games and the Huskers head to Arlington for the Big 12 championship game by virtue of Saturday’s win. And suppose either Oklahoma or Oklahoma State wins the rest of their games and faces Nebraska for the league title. I doubt the winner would be ranked high enough in the BCS to qualify for the national championship game but it would instead get the automatic BCS invitation to the Fiesta Bowl. That would leave the other BCS bowls with a compelling choice for the at-large selection: Do they take a one-loss Missouri team or the loser of the Big 12 championship game, which would have at least two losses? With ticket sales and TV ratings at stake, would, say, the Orange Bowl prefer two-loss Nebraska, Oklahoma or Oklahoma State over one-loss Missouri? (I realize Baylor is in first place in the South Division, but with games left against OU, OSU and Texas A&M I’m figuring they’ll have at least one more loss. And if not, they already have two regular-season losses, so their only chance at a BCS game would be to win the Big 12 championship.)

    Put it this way: As long as Missouri wins the rest of its games and finishes 11-1, the Cotton Bowl could be as low as the Tigers fall. If the Big 12 lands only one team in the BCS, perhaps the Cotton Bowl takes the title game loser and Missouri heads to the Alamo Bowl. Either way, if two months ago you could have been promised an 11-1 regular season with a chance to play LSU, Arkansas or Florida in the Cotton Bowl, would anyone be disappointed?

    ● Regardless how the Tigers finish the season, Missouri is going to fight the reputation that its fans don’t travel well to bowl games. And that’s why, if I’m Missouri officials, I’m getting copies of last week’s "College GameDay" episode and sending it to all the top BCS and Big 12 bowl reps to prove that MU fans will come out in full force to support their team.

  • Post-Dispatch: Mizzou looks to rebound after ugly loss
  • Pre-Snap Read: Nebraska Punches, Grabs and Holds On
  • The Missourian: Nebraska's Helu steps out of freshman QB's shadow
    Lincoln Journal-Star: Helu in elite company
    Omaha World-Herald: Huskers roll out the full offensive arsenal

Big 12 Links

Mizzou Basketball Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Volleyball
    MUtigers.com: Tigers Top K-State in Three
    The Trib: MU spreads offense
  • Mizzou Baseball
    MUtigers.com: Mizzou Gold Grabs Game 3 in Fall World Series
    The Missourian: Team parents show support, spirit at Missouri's Fall World Series
  • Mizzou Wrestling
    MUtigers.com: Wrestlers Impress at Black and Gold
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