Rock M Roundtable!

1 - Is it possible we undervalued Dominique Hamilton and what do you attribute the difference (not drastic) in our defense between the first and second half of the season to a) Standard regression to norm, b) Injuries, c) Opponents, or d) Magic?

2 -
Who/what is more intimidating? CMA immediately after taking off the jacket or Frank Martin’s stare?

3 - I love ESPN's Tipoff Marathon (24 hours of basketball).
Could it work for football, and would you watch?

4 -
If Mizzou athletics was a band, what band would it be? Why?

The Beef: 1 - I don’t think anyone undervalued the loss of Hamilton in the middle, I think we overvalued how the "candy" formation would work for the rest of the season based on the small sample size of the Illinois 2nd half.  That, and injuries have really been quite bad on the defensive side.  I believe, in terms of missed games, we are bordering on having equaled the loss of four starters for the entire season, and I am not entirely sure if that counts the pre-season injury to Donovan Bonner or not (I robbed the stat and rough estimation to the end of the season from something I read yesterday which I do not currently recall).  But while Resonno has certainly improved from last season, Hamilton was a big loss.  I look forward to both of them being back next season.

2 - I really don’t think anything compares to the stare/fire of Martin right now, to the point where I really do fear that one day a player of his is going to react outwardly just incorrectly enough while Martin is lambasting them on the sideline, and Martin is going to lose his sh!t on them, with possible physical repercussions.   I certainly hope this does not happen, but it is always in the back of my mind given his histrionics.

3 - It takes some pretty intense schedule manipulation for basketball (late tips in the west, late tips in Hawaii, stupid early tips in the east), but you’d only need 8 games to get you to your 24 hours.  I also have a feeling you’d have to work it in with the weekend, and not have it as some sort of standalone day.  The Labor Day weekend could work, and you could likely use that Sunday since typically the NFL does not start until the following week.  Maybe go with a 10pm start in the west (1am) for your first game late Saturday night, then a Hawaiian start for the 4am game…then you’d just need to find the sucker to play the 7am game…would have to be small college or something.  After that…the 10am is a little early, but not terrible…and it goes from there.  And I would watch it just about as much as I watched the basketball one, which was only in passing.

4 - Um…yeah…next question

Michael Atchison: 1.  Another thing about the defense is that the offense didn’t help them very much in the Nebraska and Texas Tech games.  A defense never looks so good as when it’s off the field.  And they weren’t off the field much.  The opponents have made a difference, too.  Though the D played really well against A&M, Jerrod Johnson shot off most of his toes in that game.  And OU’s offensive was pretty effective through three quarters; timely turnovers made a huge difference in the score.

2.  CMA taking off his jacket because of the rarity.  Frank always stares.  It’s a potent stare, but after a while, you become immune.

3.  I suppose it could be done, but one of the reasons that the hoops marathon works is that they can go to games in odd hours in small gyms that have credible crowds because the students on campus fill them.  When you play in a place with a capacity of 2,000, it makes for good TV.  Trying to fill a football stadium, even a small one, at 6:00 am is a taller task.  And would I watch?  Probably not.  As it is now, every Saturday is a 12-hour football marathon.  There wouldn’t be as much novelty in going all the way around the clock.

4.  Missouri is the Kinks.  Had our greatest success in the 1960s, but were overshadowed by more famous peers.  And today, we’re trying to relive some of the glory with a new cast of faces:

ghtd36: 1- I agree wholeheartedly with Atch's point. The offense has kind of hung the defense out to dry in Mizzou's two losses, and especially in the TTU loss. Mizzou had the ball for all of 20:19 in the game against Tech. TWENTY MINUTES AND NINETEEN SECONDS! So, over 66% of the game, Missouri's defense was on the field against Tech. This is not insignificant.

2- Which is more terrifying when they're angry: the guy who always looks angry, or the guy who rarely looks angry? Rarity breeds intimidation, so give me the mild-mannered CMA's one coping mechanism to stress.

3- There are significant hurdles in the way, but I think it's doable.
Midnight ET: Some Big 10 game that starts in Central time (11 p.m. local kick)
3 a.m. ET: Hawaii (10 p.m. local kick)
6 a.m. ET: Two low-profile East Coast teams that think it's better to be on TV at a wacky hour than not be on TV at all (6 a.m. local kick).
9 a.m. ET: Essentially anyone, but you'd probably want to keep it on the East Coast (9 a.m. local kick)
Noon, 3 p.m., 6 p.m. ET: Anyone in the continental US.
9 p.m. ET: Probably Mountain Time or West Coast team (7 p.m. or 6 p.m. kick)

4- Mizzou is Grand Funk Railroad. More hits than you'd think, constantly reshuffling the lineup to recapture the former glory. You kids don't know Grand Funk? The wild shirtless lyrics of Mark Farner? The bong-rattling bass of Mel Schacher? The competent drumwork of Don Brewer? Oh, man!

The Beef: Why would you have a late game start in the central time zone?  Why would you not have a Pac 10 game start at a somewhat more reasonable 9pm local?

ghtd36: Midwest coast bias.

The Beef: Doesn’t SBN have a blog named this?

ghtd36: What can I say? I'm an unoriginal hack.

The Beef: The unoriginal’ist

ZouDave: Can I just start off by saying how much I hate meetings?  Hate them.  Absolutely can't stand them.  I've wasted an hour of my day for nothing, because everything that we discussed in this monthly meeting is the same things that we discussed in last months' meetings, and the 15 before that.  "We need to do a better job of communicating."  "The University is cutting the budget again, we're not expecting any money for performance-based salary increases but we're not expecting any job cuts either."  "We should be really thankful that we all have jobs."  "Everyone go around the room and talk about the projects you're working on."  "Here's a random innuendo joke from the department idiot who doesn't understand proper social boundaries."  (and no, that last one is not me...anymore.)

I just hate it.  I dread these Wednesdays every month because of how in-the-hole it puts me for the day.  I'm now an hour behind on the work I need to accomplish, I'm in a bad mood because I just had to sit there and waste time at work, plus I didn't get to respond to Roundtable questions in a timely fashion.

Also, today I had our CIO and our IT Security Director suggest things to the team that I suggested 6 and 12 months ago and was shot down but now they think these ideas are going to be panaceas for all of our problems.  And they're patting themselves on the back all the way back to the office for thinking of something that was an industry standard more than a year ago and has already been suggested and shot down here before.  Days like today are the reason I drink outside of a tailgate.

And, let's not forget I also work with someone who can't operate a freaking door.

Anyway...had to be done.

1 - Anyone who undervalued a starting DT on this team probably isn't paying enough attention to football.  Defensive Tackle is one of the pivotal positions on a football team, despite the fact that it's *usually* one of the statistically least impressive.  If you don't have strong play from your DTs, the rest of your defense cannot be as effective.  So when you lose a starter at that position, you will take a hit.  It's that simple.  I attribute the difference in our defense from the first to second half of the season as a combo of C and B.  Our opponents have gotten better, and seen more of our film, but we also are missing a starting DT, were missing a starting DE for a time, we're missing our starting MLB and were missing his backup last week as well.  We've had numerous injuries hit the secondary, and we've now moved one member of our secondary up to linebacker.  Our defense has been pretty battered all year.  I'm proud of the way they've played this season, other than that 1st quarter against Nebraska.

2 - I'd say Frank's stare is probably more intimidating but it's completely overused.  Anderson's removal of the jacket is basically just a sign that "it's on."  Martin stares at people constantly, to the point that I bet a lot of its effectiveness is gone.  If he's NOT staring at you, maybe you should be more concerned.  You may already be dead.

3 - It might work for football, but part of the awesomeness of football is its exclusivity and unavailability.  You're not (overly) saturated with the sport at any point, so you REALLY look forward to the games because they are here and gone so quickly.  If there were 24 hours of football on the opening day of the season, I would probably end up watching quite a bit of it.  But that said I still love the format for football all being (basically) played on one day.  Makes Saturday so special knowing everything is going on that day.

4 - No way I can answer this intelligently, so in its place I'll just say that I work with a lot of people not qualified for their jobs.  And I, unfortunately, believe this is probably true at a lot of places.

ghtd36: I'm of the opinion that most meetings can be replaced with an e-mail. And if a meeting can't be replaced with an e-mail, you're probably getting fired, and you'll want that to happen face-to-face.

The Beef: My meetings are a half hour…no longer.  If I cannot get it done and covered in a half hour, then something is wrong.  Evidently, this flies in the face of some here at my place of work.  Am heading up a pretty visible project this month and have weekly calls to move the project along.  To this point, no call has lasted longer than 15 minutes, and the project will open on time and perfectly.  Had three directors tell me they’d never been on a call which went so quickly where so much was done.  I just don’t let anyone talk until I specifically call on them

ZouDave: Oh and someone may have to forward my messages to Atch today.  Thanks to one of our staff accounts getting compromised over the weekend and sending out over 25,000 spam messages, our email domains web reputation has taken a bit of a hit.  We've got it remediated with most places, but apparently Roadrunner is still not accepting email from us.  So...I don't exist as far as Atch is concerned.  He won't notice.

ghtd36: Beef, that is acceptable. 30 minutes should be the absolute max for a meeting, unless there's a crisis.

The problem is, my meetings -- and they all happen on Thursdays -- range anywhere from 35 minutes to (no lie) 2.5 hours.

ZouDave: See that's just how it's f***ing done.  When I am in charge of a meeting, it goes very similarly.  But I'm not in charge of our monthly staff meetings.

I did get called a Mafioso in our meeting today, by our CIO.  I hope that was meant in a good way.

The Beef: My conference call schedule today is 10, 11, 12, 2, 2:30 and 4…and I may not say anymore than "Seth is here" on any of these…and wont even say that much on some of them potentially (unless people have questions).

By the way…I have taken it upon myself to send these to Atch…am guessing he will hate me VERY soon (if not already)

Doug: 1 - Yeah... I'll just go ahead and pass on that one.

2 - I get the feeling Mike Anderson is really only moved to take off his suit coat on the bench at a game. I think Frank Martin uses that same stare when the clerk at the grocery store rings up his kumquats as the higher priced honeydew melon. I mean, who's that stupid?

3 - It could, like Seth said, you only need 8 games to get you to 24 hours, instead of 12. But, the big question is... who gets stuck with the following morning's 7 or 8 AM Eastern time kick-off? Guam University?

4 - Yeah... I'll go ahead and pass on this one, too.

ghtd36: I got called " an asset" by my boss the other day.

Though I may be imagining that second syllable.

ZouDave: He said "ass hat".  You heard the syllable, just heard it wrong.

The Beef: How is it we are always waiting on the "owners" to chime in on these? Though perhaps the elimination of Bill C might mean Mrs. Bill C will again find these conversations…um…at least less boring.

ghtd36: I just sort of skimmed your last e-mail, Beef, and I could have sworn you just suggested that Mrs. Bill C is going to eliminate Bill C.

The Beef: Knowing both of them for as long as I have…I don’t feel that option is ever off the table to be honest

ghtd36: I've never met Mrs. Bill C, which is good, since now I can just imagine her as the T-1000.

ZouDave: She's the T-1000, if the T-1000 has an extreme allergy to mold

The Beef: And likely with that Barnes and Noble auto-book thing with her…so she can more effectively ignore Bill’s ramblings about usage percentage

ghtd36: "Barnes and Noble auto-book thing..."

The Beef: Does that depict that Wale character of whom you spoke of last week?

ghtd36: That might be the meanest thing anyone's ever said about a celebrity.

Bill C.: Dave, you'll be happy to know that when you sent your anti-meeting missive ... I was in a meeting.  We do hold most meetings to an hour around here (better than the two hours at my last place of employment), but ... yeah.

1 - I'll admit it: thanks to the way the defensive line played after Hamilton's injury in the Oklahoma game, I think I did discount its impact heading into the Nebraska game.  That lasted about three possessions.

2 - Since I'm not actually a player on either team (believe it or not), I think Martin gets the edge for one simple reason: when Martin glares and yells, I whimper and/or fear for player safety.  When Anderson takes the jacket off, my first thought is "Oh yeah, time to bust some heads!"  One scares me, the other makes me happy.

3 - I'll pass, since the only realistic scenarios have already been shared.  I'll just add this: can you imagine a midnight kickoff at, say, Camp Randall?  Very fun atmosphere ... until people start puking while doing Jump Around.

4 - What's a band that has been around forever but is only now completely hitting its stride?  I'll say Dinosaur Jr.

And I've already passed along the "T-1000 with a mold allergy" comment to my wife.  Strangely, she approved.

ghtd36: She should change her screen name to "T-1000 With A Mold Allergy."

Bill C.: She also said she thought of herself more as a praying mantis, which ...



... somebody help me, please.

The Beef: Oh Bill…we hardly knew ye

ghtd36: Bill, I don't mean to alarm you, but your wife is going to murder you.

Can I have your abacus?

(20 minutes later...)

The Beef: Anyone want to actually talk about the previous or upcoming football game?  Expectations?  Fears?  Poke more fun at Denny Lissa?

Michael Atchison: Bill, Dinosaur Jr. is just now hitting its stride?

Bill C.: I stand by my statement.

ghtd36: Two weeks ago, I could hear Admiral Ackbar screaming at me about this Iowa State game.

Now, with Arnaud out for the year? I'm less worried.

The Beef: Anyone (um…Bill?) have a sense for what the backup will bring that will be different than what Arnaud would have had he played?

(30 minutes later...)

ghtd36: DERAILED!

This is in my office. Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks it looks like Tom Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Doug: Aside from the head not being round enough and not having arms... it's the spitting image.


Doug: I'm sensing some latent hostility here.

Or, perhaps it's not so latent.

ghtd36: I feel like this would be an appropriate time for an undeserved RPT pile-on.

Quick: everyone making a snarky criticism of RPT.

The Beef: What…make fun of Mr. "I’m too cool for college so I am graduating a semester early"?

(15 minutes later...)

Michael Atchison: Iowa State is going to kick our asses this weekend.

ghtd36: Said Atchison, scratching in a looseleaf notepad for his next book, "How A Blog Killed A Football Season: The Rock M Nation Story."

ZouDave: I'm probably like a lot of football fans in that I have a hard time letting go of stereotypes.  That's probably why even though Mizzou has been pretty darn good for the last half-decade we're still seen as a team of underachievers.  Still, I can't get it out of my head that Iowa State is a doormat.  When you think about our last loss to them, in 2006, and how that's one of the worst losses in Pinkel's tenure, that kinda says it all.

So to me, even our terrible roundtable (Bill's wife's new nickname notwithstanding) has no chance of derailing our team in Ames.  We've got this.  38-17.

ghtd36: I think Iowa State beats Missouri, 55-7.

/oppo-jinx, activated

ZouDave: how in the HELL did we score 7?

It's a miracle!

It's a miracle.

ghtd36: Watch this.


I just ruined your productivity!

The Beef: No more than the X-mas music I am rocking already does…

ZouDave: The Beef is listening to Christmas music?

Bill C.: He has a frightening obsession with Christmas music.

The Beef: I really do…it is quite strange.

Doug: Which is really weird when you give it some thought.

ZouDave: like I said...

The Beef: I attribute it to my growing up in New England and having exposure to many Rockwellian Christmas vistas…but yes…strange otherwise.

Bill C.: Okay, I admit it: the General Public + "Can I Get A..." combo in the second track kind of blew my mind a bit.

Michael Atchison: Every thing Girl Talk does is a little mind blowing.  Sometimes I think it’s more impressive than it is enjoyable, but the guy has some serious chops when it comes to aural collage.

The Beef: I thought ZD had Aural Collage once in back when he was at Mizzou…but someone was able to get him some topical ointment for it.

ghtd36: I literally just found out who this guy was. I feel like the world has been lying to me for however long he's been around.

Michael Atchison: Heh.  The old guy among us has been listening to GT for a long time.

(Two minutes later...)


I feel like I need to send him some money.

Bill C.: ODB + Radiohead was fun too.

ZouDave: "Ante Up" and "Party in the USA" is killing me in a good way

Michael Atchison: The Fugazi/Rihanna thing is simple and perfect.  Wow.

Bill C.: Oh jeez, I hadn't even gotten to "Cecilia" + Lil' Jon yet.  I'm stopping now.  I have to get some work done.

ghtd36: I TOLD YOU.


ZouDave: credit to Greg, he f***ing called it.  Productivity = ceased.

ghtd36: Girl Talk is the best thing to come out of Pittsburgh since Larry Fitzgerald.

The Beef: Another good one to look into (since I had not yet clicked on the link) would be DJ P…at least this will get Positivity! to perhaps comment in the roundtable

ghtd36: No, Beef, you're thinking of...

...wait for it... it comes... ready?...


The Beef: I have jumped in now…and yes…this is QUITE impressive

Michael Atchison: Especially when he mixes "Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree" with "Silent Night."

The Beef: Oooh…I am not there yet.  Just to piss ZD off, I am on my 5th conference call (of 6) for the day…a true model of efficiency my Wednesdays are

ZouDave: I envy and loathe you.  That's not a normal mix, but neither is U2 and Lady Gaga, and I'm listening to that right now.

ghtd36: My older brother (an occasional RMN commenter) described it as somebody eating 20 years worth of MTV videos, vomiting it into a Big Gulp Cup and telling you to put it in your ears.

It's an especially apt comparison, because in both instances, it shouldn't be enjoyable, but is.

(20 minutes later...)

ZouDave: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND N.E.R.D.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Beef: And for those of you near StL

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