Napkin Rankings

I got these from the ESPN weekend night radio "The Bobby V Show", so if there's any credit given, it's to Bobby V.

+1 for a win vs. a D1 team, -1 for a loss to a D1 team.

+2 for a BCS win.

+1 for an away game, win or loss (so a loss to a D1 team away is a 0).

Neutral site win +0.5, neutral site loss -0.5.

+1 for a dominant win (a bit subjective, generally speaking 30+ points, but if a team is winning by 10 for 58 minutes and then gets 3 touchdowns in the last 2 minutes, that's not a dominant win).

A win against a winless FCS team does not count for any points.  (Basically the only way an FCS win counts for anything is if it's a dominant win, and the FCS team has won a game previously).

A win against a winless BCS team does not count for a "dominant" win, unless it's the first game of the season for the winless team.

The most points a team can gain each week is 4.  (Away BCS dominant win).



1.  Head to head result.

2.  Most BCS wins.

3.  Most away wins.

After the jump, I'll rate the top 16 BCS teams (because a 16 team playoff would be awesome for college football and that would include Missouri).

I want to issue a brief disclaimer that I am just looking at the scores here and don't know of all the neutral site games other than Missouri / Illinois and Boise State / Virginia Tech...

Oregon (BCS ranking:1); Napkin Rankings Points: 27

Auburn (BCS ranking: 2); Napkin Rankings Points: 22

TCU (BCS ranking: 3); Napking Rankings Points: 21

Boise State (BCS ranking: 4); Napkin Rankings Points: 23

LSU (BCS ranking: 5); Napkin Rankings Points: 21

Stanford (BCS ranking: 6); Napkin Rankings Points: 22

Wisconsin (BCS ranking: 7); Napkin Rankings Points: 22

Nebraska (BCS ranking: 8); Napkin Rankings Points: 19

Ohio State (BCS ranking: 9); Napkin Rankings Points: 24

Oklahoma State (BCS ranking: 10); Napkin Rankings Points: 23

Alabama (BCS ranking: 11); Napkin Rankings Points: 21

Michigan State (BCS ranking: 12); Napkin Rankings Points: 20

Arkansas (BCS ranking: 13); Napkin Rankings Points: 21

Oklahoma (BCS ranking: 14); Napkin Rankings Points: 23

Missouri (BCS ranking: 15); Napkin Rankings Points: 19.5

Virginia Tech (BCS ranking: 16); Napkin Rankings Points: 20.5

After the jump, updated rankings (to the best of my ability):

NR1: Oregon, 27 points.

NR2: Ohio State, 24 points.

NR3: Boise State, 23 points.

NR4: Oklahoma State, 23 points.

NR5: Oklahoma, 23 points.

NR6: Auburn, 22 points.

NR7: Stanford, 22 points.

NR8: Wisconsin, 22 points.

NR9: TCU, 21 points.

NR10: LSU, 21 points.

NR11: Arkansas, 21 points.

NR12: Alabama, 21 points.

NR13: Virginia Tech, 20.5 points.

NR14: Michigan State, 20 points.

NR15: Missouri, 19.5 points.

NR 16: Nebraska, 19 points.


Finally, we'll break down Missouri's games to show how we arrived at 19.5 points:

Illinois - Neutral site BCS win (2.5 points), 2.5 points.

McNeese State - Dominant FCS win (1 point); 3.5 points.

San Diego State - Division 1 win (1 point); 4.5 points.

Miami (OH) - Dominant Division 1 win (2 points); 6.5 points.

Colorado - Dominant BCS win (3 points); 9.5 points.

Texas A&M - Away BCS win (3 points); 12.5 points.

Oklahoma - BCS win (2 points); 14.5 points.

Nebraska - Away BCS loss (0 points); 14.5 points.

Texas Tech - Away BCS loss (0 points); 14.5 points.

Kansas State - BCS win (2 points); 16.5 points.

Iowa State - Away BCS win (3 points); 19.5 points.


So there's the Napkin Rankings - the best way to get rid of the normal polls.

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