Missouri Football All-Time vs. K***** (plus a poll!)

The most heated rivalry in FBS (i.e. Division 1A) Football is upon us all.  The kansas jayhawks vs. the Missouri Tigers.  I this particular rivalry, you literally throw out the record books and watch who comes out of this knock-down, drag-out, blood-filled hatred with the win.  Most regular readers of Rock M Nation and rock chalk talk know how intense this rivalry truely is!

The rest of the nation can talk about Ohio St.-Michigan, Cal-Stanford, Alabama-Auburn, Florida-Florida St.-Miami, etc. BUT, none have the nastiness that this rivalry has had in the past or what can happen.  MU is (admittedly) more of a football school that somehow has not dominated its primary rival, but kU is a Baskeball school that has dominated.

The blood boils on both sides of this rivalry and NO other team in the Old Big 8 dared to get near either of these teams if they were facing each other.  CU, ISU, KSU, NU, OU, and OSU would just stay away, let the blood flow and pick up both teams after the affairs were done. For BOTH sides, this is not JUST a game, It is BUSINESS.

The series history after the jump...


(Missouri leads 56-54-9)

10-31-1891      L    10-22          Kansas City, MO

11-24-1892      L    4-12            Kansas City, MO

11-29-1893      W  12-4            Kansas City, MO

11-31-1894      L    12-18          Kansas City, MO

11-28-1895      W  10-6            Kansas City, MO

11-26-1896      L    0-30            Kansas City, MO

11-25-1897      L    0-16            Kansas City, MO

11-24-1898      L    0-12            Kansas City, MO

11-30-1899      L    6-34            Kansas City, MO

11-29-1900      T    6-6              Kansas City, MO

11-28-1901      W  18-12          Kansas City, MO

11-29-1902      L    5-17            Kansas City, MO

11-26-1903      L    0-5              Kansas City, MO

11-25-1904      L    0-29            Kansas City, MO

11-30-1905      L    0-24            Kansas City, MO

11-29-1906      T    0-0              Kansas City, MO

11-28-1907      L    0-4              St. Joseph, MO

11-28-1908      L    4-10            Kansas City, MO

11-25-1909      W  12-6            Kansas City, MO

11-24-1910      T    5-5              Kansas City, MO

11-25-1911      T    3-3              Columbia, MO

11-23-1912      L    3-12            Lawrence, KS

11-22-1913      W  3-0              Columbia, MO

11-21-1914      W  10-7            Lawrence, KS

11-25-1915      L    6-8              Columbia, MO

11-30-1916      W  13-0            Lawrence, KS

11-29-1917      L    3-27            Columbia, MO

11-27-1919      W  13-6            Lawrence, KS

11-25-1920      W  16-7            Columbia, MO

11-24-1921      L    9-15            Lawrence, KS

11-30-1922      W  9-7              Columbia, MO

11-24-1923      T    3-3              Lawrence, KS

11-27-1924      W  14-0            Columbia, MO

11-21-1925      L    7-10            Lawrence, KS

11-20-1926      W  15-0            Columbia, MO

11-19-1927      L    7-14            Lawrence, KS

First Year "Big Six" Conference

11-24-1928      W  25-6            Columbia, MO

11-23-1929      W  7-0              Lawrence, KS

11-22-1930      L    0-32            Columbia, MO

11-21-1931      L    0-14            Lawrence, KS

11-12-1932      L    0-7              Columbia, MO

11-30-1933      L    0-27            Lawrence, KS

11-29-1934      L    0-20            Columbia, MO

11-28-1935      T    0-0              Lawrence, KS

11-26-1936      W  19-3            Columbia, MO

11-25-1937      T    0-0              Lawrence, KS

11-24-1938      W  13-7            Columbia, MO

11-25-1939      W  20-0            Lawrence, KS

11-21-1940      W  45-20          Columbia, MO

11-22-1941      W  45-6            Lawrence, KS

11-26-1942      W  42-13          Columbia, MO

11-20-1943      L    6-7              Lawrence, KS

11-23-1944      W  28-0            Kansas City, MO

11-24-1945      W  33-12          Kansas City, MO

11-28-1946      L    19-20          Columbia, MO

11-22-1947      L    14-20          Lawrence, KS

First Year "Big Seven" Conference

11-25-1948      W  21-7            Columbia, MO

11-19-1949      W  34-28          Lawrence, KS

11-23-1950      W  20-6            Columbia, MO

12-1-1951        L    28-41          Lawrence, KS

11-22-1952      W  20-19          Columbia, MO

11-21-1953      W  10-6            Lawrence, KS

11-20-1954      W  41-18          Columbia, MO

11-19-1955      L    7-13            Lawrence, KS

12-1-1956        W  15-13          Columbia, MO

11-23-1957      L    7-9              Lawrence, KS

11-22-1958      T    13-13          Columbia, MO

11-21-1959      W  13-9            Lawrence, KS

First Year Big Eight Conference

11-19-1960      W  *7-23          Columbia, MO

11-25-1961      W  10-7            Lawrence, KS

11-24-1962      T    3-3              Columbia, MO

11-30-1963      W  9-7              Lawrence, KS

11-21-1964      W  34-14          Columbia, MO

11-20-1965      W  44-20          Lawrence, KS

11-19-1966      W  7-0              Columbia, MO

11-25-1967      L    6-17            Lawrence, KS

11-23-1968      L    19-21          Columbia, MO

11-22-1969      W  69-21          Lawrence, KS

11-21-1970      W  28-17          Columbia, MO

11-20-1971      L    2-7              Lawrence, KS

11-25-1972      L    17-28          Columbia, MO

11-24-1973      L    13-14          Lawrence, KS

11-23-1974      W  27-3            Columbia, MO

11-22-1975      L    24-42          Lawrence, KS

11-20-1976      L    14-41          Columbia, MO

11-19-1977      L    22-24          Lawrence, KS

11-11-1978      W  48-0            Columbia, MO

11-24-1979      W  55-7            Lawrence, KS

11-22-1980      W  31-6            Columbia, MO

11-21-1981      L    11-19          Lawrence, KS

11-20-1982      W  16-10          Columbia, MO

11-19-1983      L    27-37          Lawrence, KS

11-17-1984      L    21-35          Columbia, MO

11-23-1985      L    20-34          Lawrence, KS

11-22-1986      W  48-0            Columbia, MO

11-21-1987      W  19-7            Columbia, MO

11-19-1988      W  55-17          Lawrence, KS

11-18-1989      L    44-46          Columbia, MO

11-17-1990      W  31-21          Lawrence, KS

11-23-1991      L    29-53          Lawrence, KS

11-21-1992      W  22-17          Columbia, MO

11-20-1993      L    0-28            Lawrence, KS

11-19-1994      L    14-31          Columbia, MO

11-4-1995        L    23-42          Lawrence, KS

First Year Big Twelve Conference

11-23-1996      W  42-25          Columbia, MO

9-13-1997        L    7-15            Lawrence, KS

9-12-1998        W  41-23          Columbia, MO

10-23-1999      L    0-21            Lawrence, KS

10-14-2000      L    17-38          Columbia, MO

10-20-2001      W  38-34          Lawrence, KS

10-26-2002      W  36-12          Columbia, MO

9-27-2003        L    14-35          Lawrence, KS

11-20-2004      L    14-31          Columbia, MO

10-29-2005      L    3-13            Lawrence, KS

11-25-2006      W  42-17          Columbia, MO

11-24-2007      W  36-28          Kansas City, MO

11-29-2008      L    37-40          Kansas City, MO

11-28-2009      W  41-39          Kansas City, MO

11-27-2010      W  35-7             Kansas City, MO

*Forfeit win to Missouri

at Columbia, MO: MU leads 30*-14-3

at Lawrence, KS: KU leads 26-17-3

at Neutral Sites: KU leads 14-9-3


Simply put, MU has dominated at home, kU dominated in Lawrence and since most of the early games of the series were neutral site affairs and kU football was REALLY good early on kU has the lead in the neutral site affairs.

For MU, a win would set the win total (controversial or not as to the number) on the MU side of the series.  MU is playing for a 10 win regular season (for the first time ever) and at least a TIE for the last North Division title in the Big 12 (yes folks we still get a piece of the division title even if NU wins on Friday if we win).  kU is playing for pride and nothing else.

I normally try to play it a little more neutral on these posts, but not this time...

Rawk! Squawk! Chickenhawk! BURN k! UUUUUUUUUU!

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