Rock M Roundtable!

Alright, I'm on the road today, so this probably won't go up until after the basketball game.  Therefore I should probably avoid basketball-related questions.

1 - What are you most thankful about this lovely holiday season?

2 - Um, what are you least thankful about this holiday season?

3 - Does Colorado have a chance against Nebraska?

4 - Does Kansas have a chance against Missouri?

Michael Atchison: If it’s a hassle, and if participation is light, do you even want to do this today?  I’m sure the readership will give us a pass on the holiday.

ZouDave: I'll tell you what readership gives no passes.....Kim Jong-Il.  Am I right?

Doug: Kim Jon-Il could do do this entire round table by himself, and it would 10 times funnier than any we've ever done.

ZouDave: He's a very effective reader.

The Beef: If only he was a Mizzou fan...we'd have a whole country of people who would believe we've never lost a game in any sport, ever.

ZouDave: Do you think somewhere in impoverished African countries there is a whole generation of kids who grew up believing the Buffalo Bills were the greatest football franchise ever?  I mean all of those "Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Champions" t-shirts that were made prior to those games had to have gone SOMEWHERE, right?

Doug: Instead, you'll just have to settle for everyone in the state of Missouri.

ZouDave: Oh Doug, you're not trying to play the "fans blind to reality" card are you?  Really?

The Beef: That is SHOULD win...or these days more like should win by 30, regardless of the sport.

Doug: Oh?  And here I thought we had made the deconstruction of the reality-blind Missouri fan a science on this Round Table.

ZouDave: we can attack our own and it's fine.  You can't say shit about our fans, especially this week.

Doug: Please, I'm 800 miles away.  What's the worst I can do?

I am flying back to KC tomorrow.  Query, when I go through security should I ask the agent to buy me dinner first or if we can cuddle after the pat down?

ZouDave: I think you should load up on Hurricane Burritos or some Gardunos or something before flying.  Opt for the pat down, then proceed to cropdust the TSA Agent for 11 minutes.

ZouDave: Oh and hey just to answer Bill's questions...
1 - I'm thankful for quite a few things.  My continued health and that of my family, first and foremost.  My job, despite how much I've complained about it recently.  My trainer for getting my fat ass to be a less fat ass.  My dog.  And dual monitors at home finally.
2 - That football season is almost over.  Oh, and Chimay Ale needs to be cheaper.
3 - They do, but it's going to take a perfect storm.  Nebraska has to be unfocused and arrogant, Colorado has to be extremely focused and lucky.  But it's there.
What, like, 1 in 100?
I was actually thinking more like 1 in 1,000,000.
4 - The last time I said kansas had no chance was 2008.  I'm not saying it again.

But no, they have no chance.

ghtd36: I know this is a polarizing political opinion, and I'll likely be raked over the coals for this, but it's got to be said:

Kim Jong-Il is sort of a dick.

The Beef: No politics on this board should know this better than anyone.


ghtd36: Sorry, Beef. I'll change the topic:

C.S. Lewis, the author of The Chronicles of Narnia, also died on Nov. 22, 1963. What page of the New York Times did that little tidbit get placed on the next day?

The Beef: I am going to say page the back of the sports section

ZouDave: under the box scores, where it read:

Death 1
CS Lewis 0

The Beef: The Tailgate Queen approved of this joke.

ZouDave: good to know my tastelessness still has fans

Michael Atchison: 1.  I’m thankful for the Pelini brothers, Greg’s forthcoming opus "Thankgiving with the Pelinis," Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale, new albums by Cee-Lo Green, Robyn, Belle & Sebastian and Jamey Johnson, the return of college basketball, the Roasterie’s Full Vengeance coffee, my family, and, of course, all of our Rock M Nation friends.  I’m thankful for other things, too, but I won’t bore you with them.

2. I’m least thankful for allergies.  Shouldn’t all of the allergens be frozen by now?  Looking forward to wheezing my way through tomorrow morning’s Turkey Trot.

3. Colorado has a chance, but not much of one.  I’ve taken a crash course in lip-reading to enhance my enjoyment of that game.

4. I’m having a hard time imagining Kansas scoring enough to win, but I don’t want to jinx it.  They’ll have to play their best ball of the season to do it.

ghtd36: There has never been a better idea with a worse chance of happening than "Thanksgiving with the Pelinis."

ZouDave: I don't know, my idea to spend a weekend with the entire 2010 Golden Girls squad is a pretty awesome idea...

The Beef: Just think of the special guest appearance possibilities.

ZouDave: guest appearances from:

the lost Pelini brother, Yertle the Turtle

and Yertle's wife, Sad Cartoon Turtle

oh, and the puppet version of Bo Pelini:

Michael Atchison: By the way, watching the Nebraska/A&M game the other night, all I could think about was the de-evolution of man.

ghtd36: Also on Nov. 22? Toy Story opened at box offices in 1995.


/eats gun

The Beef: Oh god...really?

Michael Atchison: Yeah, that’s why Andy goes to college at the end of Toy Story 3.  They weren’t going for subtlety there.

ZouDave: wasn't Andy like 8 in the first Toy Story, though?  Why did he wait until he was 22-23 to go to college?

ZouDave: I was out at a restaurant last Friday and saw a kid come in with his parents, big kid, definitely a football player, wearing a letterman's jacket of the high school I graduated from.  The year on his shoulder?  '12.  That means he was born the year I graduated from high school.

/eats gun

Michael Atchison: I was already practicing law by then.

/eats black and white television

The Beef: I do love that Bill is driving somewhere seeing these stream in and cursing at the work he has in front of him.

(Two hours later…)

ghtd36: So........

The Beef: Seems we have given Bill a nice chance to arrive and put this all together.

RPT: Wait... We didn't suspend this "website" thing for the holidays?

ghtd36: I already did my part to drive traffic, linking to the "Aaron Crow is reportedly dating Ke$ha" story.

Bill C.:  Greetings from I-44!  Quick thoughts:

* Whoever led the project to extend Hwys 54 and 5 around the Lake and Camdenton, I love you. That shaves 15 minutes off the drive now.

* The new Kanye and Cee-Lo albums are rather disgustingly good.

* The wife made it through about 30 minutes of the Girl Talk album we were discussing last week before changing it due to exhaustion.

Michael Atchison: That's about all I can take of Girl Talk, too.  Too many dopamine surges. Like I said last week, I think it's more impressive than enjoyable.  On one hand, it's too short; once an idea starts to work, it's over.  On the other, it's too long; it just doesn't stop.

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