Mizzou Links, 11-4-10

Mizzou Football Links

  • Double-T Nation: Offensive Matchups | Missouri Defense vs. Texas Tech Offense
  • The Trib: Red means stop for Missouri offense
  • KC Star: Will Ebner is experienced at playing through pain

    "One real good practice a week," coach Gary Pinkel said. "He gets a decent one Tuesday and a decent one on Thursday and we push him more on Wednesdays.

    "Then he plays in the game."

    Doctors and medical staff associated with MU’s football team have assured Pinkel that Ebner cannot hurt himself more by playing on the fracture.

    The small detachment of bone at the base of his outside toe may need to be surgically repaired at the end of the season. It depends on whether the bone can knit itself together again, through treatment and Ebner wearing a supportive walking boot nearly every waking moment away from the football field.

    Before practice and before games, Ebner’s foot is meticulously taped. Not tighter, to immobilize the toe, as you might expect.

    "I actually have them tape it a little lighter," Ebner said. "It’s on the edge of my foot. Any pressure I have against it would make it hurt worse."

  • Mizzou Running Game
    The Missourian: Missouri freshmen running backs move on after Tigers' first loss
    Post-Dispatch: Henry Josey is giving Mizzou a lift
    PowerMizzou: Coming up short
  • PowerMizzou: Powered up: We know we don't know

Big 12 Links


Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Volleyball
    MUtigers.com: Volleyball Tops Colorado, 3-1
    KBIA Sports Extra: Thoughts from Mizzou volleyball's 3-1 win against Colorado

    – Molly Kreklow was fantastic Wednesday night, thanks in part to good first touches from the Missouri back row. Kreklow is at her most efficient when operating a few feet from the net, but earlier in the season, she would often have to scramble back toward the 10-foot line for sets. When she had time to set up near the net and survey her options on Wednesday, her decision making was almost impeccable, and she even showed some newfound aggressiveness when dumping for kills. In addition, her blocking continues to improve exponentially. After beginning the season unable to block with both hands because of a dislocated pinky finger, Kreklow is now at full speed on the block and came up with several block kills while stranded in isolation by her middle blockers on the outside.


    – Missouri travels to Ames on Saturday, where the Iowa State Cyclones will be playing in their first match back at Hilton Coliseum this season as a result of the flooding that pushed most of their matches to Ames High School. Missouri currently sits in the low-40s in the RPI rankings, and while the Tigers still need to take care of business at home against Texas A&M and Texas Tech the following week, a win against a ranked Iowa State team in Ames would send a strong message to the NCAA Tournament selection committee. Now at 8-6 in the Big 12, the Tigers hold their NCAA Tournament destiny in their own hands.

  • Mizzou Soccer
    MUtigers.com: Tigers Drop to Nebraska at Big 12 Tournament
    The Missourian: MU soccer team ends season of adjustments
  • Mizzou Baseball
    SimmonsField.com: Mizzou in the Majors 2010: Ian Kinsler
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