2010 Midlands Updates for December 29th (Final Session II Update)

The 2010 Midlands Wrestling Championships are under way in Evanston, IL, home of the Northwestern Wildcats.  The Missouri Tigers have 14 "official" participants and 1 participant wrestling unattached. 

First the Participants: (Seed Numbers before the name)

125- #4 Alan Waters

133- #10 Nathan McCormick, Luke Cherep

141- #6 Todd Schavrien, Cody Farinella

149- #7 Kyle Bradley, Nick Hucke

157- Nick Gregoris, Unattached Drake Houdashelt

165- #5 Zach Toal

174- #5 Dorian Henderson, Pat Wright

184- #10 Mike Larson

197- #6 Brent Haynes

285- Tyler Perry

I have NO clue as to the whereabouts of Dom Bradley at 285.

No Missouri wrestlers were involved in pigtail matches at the 149 pound weight class.

In a pigtail match 157 pounder Nick Gregoris lost by fall to David Bonin of Northern Iowa. Another pigtail had Pat Wright defeat Mike Schmitz of Wisconsin-La Crosse 2-1. At 285, Tyler Perry decisioned David Wade of Eastern Michigan 3-2.

Championship Brackets

First Round Results:

125- Alan Waters 11-0 Maj. Dec. over Britain Longmire of Cal Poly.

133- Nathan McCormick 16-11 Dec. over Cody Zimmerman of Wisconsin-Parkside; Luke Cherep lost via 15-0 Tech Fall in 5:13 to Matt Fields of Purdue.

141- Todd Schavrien 16-0 Tech Fall in 5:58 over Daniel Amel of Wisconsin, Cody Farinella won 7-5 Dec. over Unattached Pat Greco of Northwestern.

149- Kyle Bradley won a 18-4 Maj. Dec. over Chris Oster of U. Chicago, Nick Hucke lost a 4-1 Dec. to #9 Zac Cibula of Rider.

157- Unattached Drake Houdashelt lost by Fall to #9 Barret Abel of Cal Poly.

165- Zach Toal won a 13-7 Dec. over Matt Mougin of Northern Illinois.

174- Dorian Henderson lost a 5-3 Dec. to Unattached Dominic Kastl of Cal Poly, Pat Wright defeated Steven McPeek of Bucknell by Fall.

184- Mike Larson won by Dec. 9-5 over James Nakashima of Nebraska.

197- Brent Haynes won a 11-2 Maj. Dec. over Keldrick Hall of Oklahoma.

285- Tyler Perry won a 2-0 Dec. over #7 Mike McClure of Michigan State.

Missouri sits in 5th place with 16.5 Points behind Clarion, Lehigh, Iowa and Iowa State (in that order.) as of 1:10 pm CST.

Second Round Results (winners are in the Quarters):

125- Alan Waters won by Fall at 3:41 over John Sandoval of Arizona State

133- Nathan McCormick lost a 6-2 Tiebreaker Dec. to #7 Jordan Keller of Oklahoma

141- Todd Schavrien won a Default Forfeit over #11 Bebeto Yewah of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Cody Farinella lost 9-1 Maj. Dec. to #1 Jimmy Kennesy of Illinois.

149- Kyle Bradley won a 5-4 Dec. over #10 Nick Lester of Oklahoma.

165- Zach Toal won a 7-3 Dec. over Aaron Janssen of Iowa.

174- Pat Wright lost a 10-0 Maj. Dec. to #3 Ben Bennett of Central Michigan.

184- Mike Larson won an 8-4 Dec. over Cole Schafer of Iowa State

197- Brent Haynes lost a 6-3 Dec. to #11 Andy Johnson of Nebraska

285- Tyler Perry lost by Fall to #10 Unattached Michael McMullan of Northwestern


125- Alan Waters lost by 7-3 Dec. to #5 Ryan Mango of Stanford.

141- Todd Schavrien lost by 9-5 Dec. to #3 Tyler Nauman of Pittsburgh.

149- Kyle Bradley lost by 8-3 Dec. to #2 Andrew Nadhir of Northwestern.

165- Zach Toal won by 3-1 Dec. over Bubby Graham of American.

184- Mike Larson lost by 6-3 Dec. to #2 Robert Hamlin of Lehigh.

Losers of the Quarterfinal matches will be placed in the 4th round of wrestlebacks ans only need to win one match to place in the top 8.


165- Zach Toal vs. #1 Andrew Howe of Wisconsin


Pig Tail Results:

149- Nick Hucke won a 7-4 Dec. over Jamal Lawrence of Northern Iowa.

157- Nick Gregoris won a 6-1 Dec. over Adam Miller of Central Michigan, Unattached Drake Houdashelt won by 3-2 Dec. #10 Eric Cubberly of Central Michigan.

174- Dorian Henderson won a 18-0 Tech Fall in 5:00 over Unattached Rich Tado of Southern Illinois-Edwardsville

First Round Results:

133- Luke Cherep lost a 11-3 Maj. Dec. to Lou Ruland of Maryland. Cherep is done.

149- Nick Hucke lost a 2-1 Dec. to Donnie Corby of Central Michgan. Hucke is done.

157- Nick Gregoris won a 10-1 Maj. Dec. over Jake Beechy of Illinois, Unattached Drake Houdashelt won a 2-1 Dec. over Mike Kent of Stanford.

174- Dorian Henderson won a 14-3 Maj. Dec. over Paul Jackson of Northwestern

Second Round Results:

133- Nathan McCormick won by 19-2 Tech Fall over Matt Sencenbaugh of Stanford in 6:33.

141- Cody Farinella won by 7-0 Dec. over Joel Trombly of Michigan State.

157- Nick Gregoris lost by Fall to Dillon Bera of Wisconsin-Parkside, Drake Houdashelt lost 6-3 Dec. to Aaron Sulzer of Eastern Michigan. Nick and Drake are done.

174- Dorian Henderson lost an 8-4 Dec. to Andy Vaughn of Pittsburgh, Pat Wright won by 4-0 Dec. over Chris Eggert of Eastern Michigan. Dorian is done.

197- Brent Haynes won by 9-0 Maj. Dec. over Dallas Brown of Maryland.

285- Tyler Perry won by 6-4 Dec. over Patrick Walker of Illinois.

Third Round Results:

133- Nathan McCormick won by Medical Forfeit over Joe Watco of Clarion.

141- Cody Farinella lost by 9-1 Maj. Dec. to #9 Trevor Melde of Rutgers. Cody is done.

174- Pat Wright won a 10-0 Maj. Dec. over Karl Deciantis of Pittsburgh.

197- Brent Haynes won by 18-2 Tech Fall over Derrick Borlie of Wisconsin in 6:49.

285- Tyler Perry won by Fall in :20 over Roger Vukobratovich of Purdue.

Fouth Round Results:

125- Alan Waters vs. Shane Gentry of Maryland.

133- Nick McCormick vs. #5 Flip Novachlov of Cal Poly.

141- Todd Schavrien vs. #9 Trevor Melde of Rutgers.

149- Kyle Bradley vs. #4 Eric Terrazas of Illinios.

174- Pat Wright vs. Adam Counterman of Pittsburgh.

184- Mike Larson vs. #6 Eric Schmditke of Oklahoma.

197- Brent Haynes vs. Jay Hahn of Bucknell.

285- Tyler Perry vs. #9 Christian Brantley of Northern Iowa.

Mizzou is in First Place as of the 2:45 Update followed by Iowa, Clarion and Pittsburgh in a Tie and Lehigh.

At the end of Session I Mizzou is in the lead with 31.5 points followed by Iowa and Lehigh tied for second, Pittsburgh and Wisconsin. Session II will have 2nd and 3rd round Wrestlebacks and Quarterfinals I believe. Missouri looks to have a bit of an advantage as they have 5 wrestlers still in the Championship bracket (although only one would be "favored" to advance) and 7 in the Wrestlebacks.  The other teams near Mizzou have similar numbers.  My guess is Mizzou would need at LEAST to match Iowa and Pitt in the Championship bracket and have most of the wrestlers advance to the 4th or 5th round of wrestlebacks to have a chance to win it all.

The 8:50 results include ALL the Quarterfinal matches complete plus some of the second round wrestlebacks. Mizzou has dropped into a tie for 5th with Iowa State.  Lehigh, Wisconsin, Iowa and Pittsburgh (in that order) lead the tournament.

At the end of Session II, Mizzou is 6th with 48.5 Points.  Lehigh has 65, Wisconsin has 58.5, Iowa has 52.5 Pittsburgh has 49.5, and Iowa State has 49.  In seventh is Central Michigan with 43, Maryland with 41.5, Nebraska with 37.5 and Clarion in 10th with 35.

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