2010 Midlands Updates for December 30th (Final CHAMPIONSHIP! Update)

This is the setup for the Midlands Wrestling Championship for December 30th. If you need to see the results for Mizzou from yesterday, go here:

Remaining Tigers to start the day are: (Seed Numbers before the name)

125- #4 Alan Waters

133- #10 Nathan McCormick

141- #6 Todd Schavrien

149- #7 Kyle Bradley

165- #5 Zach Toal

174- Pat Wright

184- #10 Mike Larson

197- #6 Brent Haynes

285- Tyler Perry

Missouri starts the day in 6th place but only has 1 wrestler (Zach Toal) still in Championship contention.  All the others are in 4th round wrestlebacks.  BUT, all these wreslters have to do is win one more match and they are in the top eight for the tournament.  Mizzou may not be able to hold its position though, most of the other teams around and ahead of them has at least 3 wrestlers still in Championship contention.

The status of each wrestler after the jump...

Championship Brackets


165- Zach Toal lost a 12-3 Maj. Dec. to #1 Andrew Howe of Wisconsin.


Fouth Round Results:

125- Alan Waters won a 10-0 Maj. Dec. over Shane Gentry of Maryland.

133- Nick McCormick lost by Fall to #5 Flip Novachlov of Cal Poly. Nick is done.

141- Todd Schavrien won a 13-2 Maj. Dec. over #9 Trevor Melde of Rutgers.

149- Kyle Bradley lost 2-0 Dec. in the 2nd Sudden Victory to #4 Eric Terrazas of Illinios. Kyle is done.

174- Pat Wright won a 4-0 Dec. over Adam Counterman of Pittsburgh.

184- Mike Larson won a 2-1 Dec. over #6 Eric Schmditke of Oklahoma.

197- Brent Haynes won a 9-6 Dec. over Jay Hahn of Bucknell.

285- Tyler Perry lost a 10-5 bDec. to #9 Christian Brantley of Northern Iowa. Tyler is done.

Consolation Quarterfinals (losers go to 7th place match):

125- Alan Waters won a 3-0 Dec. over Tyler Iwamura of California-Bakersfield.

141- Todd Schavrien won a 10-2 Maj. Dec. over Steve Dutton of Lehigh.

174- Pat Wright lost a 11-2 Maj. Dec. to Ethen Lofthouse of Iowa.

184- Mike Larson won a 6-1 Dec. over James Nakashima of Nebraska.

197- Brent Haynes won a 16-0 Tech Fall in 4:16 over Tyler Dickenson of Michigan State.

Consolation Semifinals (losers go to 5th place match):

125- Alan Waters won a 2-0 Dec. over #6 Anthony Zanetta of Pittsburgh.

141- Todd Schavrien lost a 3-2 Dec. to #5 Chris Drouin of Iowa State.

165- Zach Toal won a 8-6 SV Dec. over Aaron Janssen of Iowa.

184- Mike Larson won a 3-2 Dec. over #1 Grant Grambrall of Iowa.

197- Brent Haynes won by Fall over #3 Joe Kennedy of Lehigh.

Consolation Finals (for 3rd Place):

125- Alan Waters won a 3-2 Dec. over #5 Ryan Mango of Stanford.

165- Zach Toal lost a 12-3 Maj. Dec. to #3 Tyler Caldwell of Oklahoma.

184- Mike Larson lost a 4-0 Dec. to #2 Robert Hamlin of Lehigh.

197- Brent Haynes lost a 6-5 Dec. to #1 Zac Thomusseit of Pittsburgh.

5th Place Match:

 141- Todd Schavrien won a 14-2 Maj. Dec. over #4 Mark Ballweg of Iowa.

7th Place Match:

174- Pat Wright lost a 3-1 Dec. to #6 Alex Cariso of Rutgers.

At the end of Session III Mizzou is in FIRST PLACE with 100.5 points.  The Tigers are followed by Wisconsin with 87.5, Iowa and Lehigh with 87, Pittsburgh with 78.5. Sixth is Oklahoma with 75, followed by Central Michigan with 68.5, Illinois and Iowa State with 59.5 and in tenth is Nebraska with 59.

That is one 3rd, three 4ths, one 5th and 1 8th place finish for the tournament!  That also adds up to a Midlands Championship!

Mizzou won with 103.5 Points. They were followed by Wisconsin with 95.5, Lehigh with 93, Iowa with 91 and Pittsburgh with 82.5.  In sixth was Oklahoma with 82 points, Central Michigan with 72.5, Iowa State with 63.5, Nebraska with 63, and in tenth was Illinois with 60.5.

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