Is the Big 12 Better than the Big East

You may laugh, but the upsets (of Big East teams) have awakened me.  There are comparisons everywhere.  First let's go team-by-team comparison

Kansas vs. Syracuse

I think we can all agree on this even as Rock M Nation supporters.  Kansas is clearly the consensus one while Syracuse is everybody's favorite #1 to leave out (maybe besides Duke)

Advantage - Big 12

Kansas State vs. West Virginia

I think this might be debatable, but I don't see how you can claim one team is better than the other.  Decide for yourselves.

Advantage - Draw

Villanova vs. Baylor

This is also debatable, but there's no question Villanova was overseeded.  And I'm not just saying this because of the Robert Morris game (although that probably helps)

Advantage - Draw

Texas A&M vs. Marquette 

This is debatable as well, but I don't see a scenario where the Aggies aren't better than Marquette.  Marquette and Texas A&M are both at about what they should be, but.... that would make the Aggies better.

Advantage - Big 12

Notre Dame vs Oklahoma State

Again, Notre Dame was overseeded.  Think about it.  They are on the bubble, beat Uconn, Marquette, Seton Hall, and Pitt and jump up to SIX?!  Doesn't make sense.  Meanwhile the Cowboys have the B12 Player of the Year in James Anderson.

Advantage  - Draw

Louisville vs. Missouri

I think Mizzou is better than the 10 they got, but losing to Nebraska warranted it.  And my personal opinion says we are better than Lousville, because we can beat them, but I'll play fair.

Advantage - Draw

Georgetown vs. Texas

Ok I'm not quite sure of two things.  One how the heck GT can get  a #3 seed with 10 losses and two why Texas was more penalized for losing than GT.... oh yeh, cause they are in Big East.  The only difference is GT had a more embarassing finish (no less than 4 missed FTs to blow it).

Advantage - Big East

Pitt is the outlier here, but I don't know.... there's just something about have 16 teams that methinks that should be given a little lee-way....

But that would give the score at 2-2.... which if added in the fact that Big East has 4 more teams, should give Big 12 the advantage.  I kind of hate how Texas has regressed because if they hadn't, let me tell you: Big 12 would be the best conference, hands-down.  

Things that will help "prove" Big 12 is better

Baylor/Villanova - if it happens, then we can see who's better/winner likely decides who has better conference

The matchup between Kansas State and Syracuse.... if KSU wins it guarantees Kansas is better than Syracuse and probably proves KSU is better than WV, unless WV were to also make final four

Currently, I have Villanova going to Final Four and Kansas and KSU.... and if my bracket is right (which it hasn't been), then I'm guessing none of the Big East teams do, because Villanova seems like a lost cause and that they will lose to Duke if not to Baylor.

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