Mizzou Links, 6-7-10

Conference Realignment Links - PRE-ultimatum talk

Conference Realignment Links - POST-ultimatum talk

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Alden won't comment on ultimatum
    College Football Talk: Huskers' Osborne knows of no deadline
    KC Star: MU, Nebraska won't confirm Big 12 allegiance deadline
  • The Trib (Dave Matter): So much for Big 12's confidential process
  • Dallas Morning News: Big 12 problems trace to league's roots
  • Dallas Morning News: Don't forget about Baylor in expansion mix
    SB Nation: Texas Legislature Pushing for Baylor to Replace Colorado in Possible Pac-10 Expansion
  • Roll 'Bama Roll: Thoughts on Conference Expansion: The Texas Problem
  • Post-Dispatch: Texas in conference tug of war
  • Dr. Saturday: Scott cleared to move on Pac-10 expansion, force Big Ten hustle
    College Football Talk
    : Pac-10 commish given authority to advance expansion process
    College Football Talk: Big Ten 'timeline may be altered' by swirling expansion rumors
    Dallas Morning News: Big 12 braces for what could be a deadly West Coast attack
  • The Wiz of Odds: The Final Days of the Big 12
  • Black Shoe Diaries: Change: It's Coming, and I Like It
  • Daily Oklahoman: Conference realignment: Big 12 shuffle could benefit OKC
  • Topeka Capital-Journal: Calling all politicians

    Pat Roberts, Sam Brownback, Kathleen Sebelius, Mark Parkinson ... anyone with any connections whatsoever. Be it a regent, congressman, mayor, board chairman, entertainer or evangelist.

    The time is now to get involved on behalf of Kansas and Kansas State.

    Find a phone number or address for Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman and rehearse a persuasive plea.

    PLEEEESE! Do not abandon longtime partners you've competed against, and cajoled with, since helmets were made of leather.

  • Dallas Morning News: National writers react: 'This is the Cuban Missile Crisis for the Big 12'
  • College Football Talk: Irish's Swarbrick at Big Ten meetings today -- not
  • Waco Tribune: A column by Baylor President Ken Starr regarding the Big 12 (yes, THAT Ken Starr)
    The situation is extremely fluid right now. It is our understanding that the Pac-10 Conference may be preparing to invite six Big 12 members to join a proposed 16-team megaconference, Recent news reports have indicated that Baylor's stock is rising and that it could be included among the teams invited to form a new conference. What we do know is this: the Lone Star state schools of the Big 12 should stick together. That’s what’s in the best interests of Baylor, of Texas and of our own community, here in Waco.
  • Bring On the Cats: The Dominoes Are About to Fall. Where Will K-State End Up?

    Scenario 1: Nothing Happens

    With all the news lately, it may seem hard to believe that nothing will happen, but that's still a distinct possibility, especially after today's events.  Big 10 commissioner Jim Delaney indicated today that their expansion timetable "could be" affected by the Pac-10's actions and the Big 12's ultimatum, which almost certainly means the Big 10 will accelerate from "molasses in winter" to "sloth on sedatives" speed in expansion.  If the Big 10 really does have interest in adding Missouri and Nebraska -- and I believe they do based on information I've informally acquired -- they are going to have to move more quickly than they had planned.  Nebraska, and maybe Missouri, have to decide, in or out, by Friday, and there's no way any administrator from either school can vote "out" in good conscience unless they are assured beyond any reasonable doubt that they will be invited to apply to join the Big 10.  Thus, if the Big 10 decides it can accomplish what is still probably its primary goal -- adding Notre Dame -- without Missouri and Nebraska, it can probably bide its time.  Meanwhile, Mizzou and Nebraska will have to reaffirm their commitment to the Big 12.  If that happens, then short of Texas yelling "just kidding" and selling everyone else in the conference down the river by taking its six-team contingent to the Pac-10, the Big 12 will remain as is.

    The more I think about it, the more I think this is easily the most realistic scenario. Just as people begin to accept that Armageddon is upon us, barely anything actually happens.
  • Daily Oklahoman: Conference realignment: Lawmakers could have impact
  • Austin American-Statesman: Kirk Bohls' 9 things and one crazy prediction

    "It all boils down to Nebraska," one high-profile Big 12 school administrator told me. "If Nebraska leaves, it all falls apart."

    Most think Nebraska has more appeal than Missouri for the Big Ten. And those who know him say Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne has never forgiven Texas for its insistence on the elimination of partial qualifiers before the Big 12 merger and would love to pay Texas back.

    It's amazing to me how the Big Ten conversation this offseason has had momentum despite nobody actually really saying anything. Pittsburgh was the no-brainer choice ... then Mizzou was the no-brainer choice and Pittsburgh brought little to the table ... then Rutgers was the no-brainer choice because of NYC ... now Nebraska is the no-brainer choice and Mizzou brings little to the table. Conventional wisdom is an amazing, contagious thing.
  • NY Times (Pete Thamel): Conferences Consider Expansion, Not Tradition

    The potential Pac-10 expansion would be a case of the league being proactive so it did not get left behind, something that happened with its television contracts under the former commissioner Tom Hansen.

    But is anyone looking out for the good of college sports?

    “I think that’s been lost in all the discussion,” Ohio State’s president, E. Gordon Gee, said. “One of the things we’ve done as presidents, and Jim Delany has done, is we asked the question, ‘What’s not only good for the Big Ten, but what is good for the best interest in college athletics?’

    “We do not want to be viewed as predators or only having an isolated view of what we should be doing. We’re very concerned about the larger prospects for intercollegiate athletics.”


    Change is inevitable. Just how much and how soon will be the question lingering over this most uncertain summer in college sports. A season filled with teams visiting stadiums and getting dollar bills and coins tossed at them, which happened to Boston College in its farewell tour from the Big East, may be coming as well.

Actual non-realignment links after the jump...

Mizzou Softball Links

  • Florida 5, Mizzou 0
    MUtigers.com: Mizzou Eliminated From World Series
    The Trib: MU softball season ends at Women's College World Series
    The Trib: MU bats fall silent in season-ending loss
    The Missourian: Missouri softball eliminated from WCWS with loss to Florida
    KC Star: Florida eliminates Missouri from Women's College World Series
    Post-Dispatch: MU softball team eliminated from College World Series
  • Post-Dispatch: Despite CWS failure, MU softball team has high hopes
  • KC Star (Campus Corner): Missouri Softball: A Pitching Controversy?
  • MUtigers.com: Vock Wins Prestigious Elite 88 Honor

Mizzou Football Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Track & Field
    MUtigers.com: Tigers Head to NCAA Final Round
  • Mizzou Baseball
    SimmonsField.com: Mizzou Baseball History: John "Hi" Simmons on the MLB Draft

Wooden Links

Since I spent most of Saturday morning reading John Wooden eulogies, I thought I'd share some of my favorites...

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