The Rock M Nation Online Dynasty

Let's create a Rock M Nation Online Dynasty in NCAA Football 2011. I have the 360 version so the one I'll create will be for that version. If someone wants to do a PS3 version, please sign up in comments and I'll update this fan post.

Online Dynasty is now created! We're taking over the ACC btw.

Dynasty name is Rockmnation

Password is bdsmith

Decision #1: One conference or Free For All

I'm advocating that none of us play as Mizzou. Even replacing other teams with Mizzou clones would not be very satisfying for me. 

Related though is whether we should all play in one conference and therefore frequently play against each other or pick whatever schools we want and play if we happen to run into each other during the season/bowl games.

Question #2: Leave things as they are or create the Rock M Conference?

We could also just pick whatever schools we want and blow up college football and create the Rock M Conference.


Question #3: Difficulty level?

I'd argue All-American is a good basic difficulty level. If people want to pitch it up or down, please state in comments.

Question #4: Length of quarters?

I think 5 minute quarters make sense.

Question #5: How often we advance the dynasty?

I'd like this to be close to real time league, meaning I advance the league every Sunday. So everyone will have to have played their games for the week by then. 

Question#6: A teams or no?

Should we ban teams with A ratings like Alabama, Florida, USC, etc?

Now it's your turn:

In comments, state your gamertag, your preference for the five questions and your team preference. I'll update the fanpost as we go.



Gamertag (RockM Username)

headicusprime (commish/mizzousundevil)

CopperPlatypus (solidpit)

achillbreeze (achillbreeze)

CEW ( GlacieredCarl)

James Lipton (JeffLebowski28)

kbrownbear (cheeseman33)

ZouDave (ZouDave)

ZouTiger (gamertag?)

tamnco (tamnco)

Mizzou12 (Mizzousteeler) ((possible backup))

FanPosts may be posted by any RMN member and may not reflect the views of the management staff of Rock M Nation or SB Nation.

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