Rock M Roundtable!

Not a full crew with us today...

1 - How long will it take Alden to execute his 81k+ seat plan?

2 - People in Cleveland are understandably upset about the whole LeBron defection.
Who is the one professional player from your team(s) who would break your heart if they left?

3 -
Which sports stadium/arena would you like to visit the most?  Any sport and any country.

4 - I am headed to Minneapolis.  I intend to find myself a Juicy Lucy/Loosey…
which "must have" culinary triumph from which town is the crown jewel of your collection of best eats?

Michael Atchison: My appearance is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 11 where you wiggle a joystick or something and some sort of magic happens.

1 - I have no special insight, but I would suspect that an expansion to 81,000 would be a long way off.  This is not a good time to be trying to raise the kind of cash necessary to enclose one end of the stadium.

2 - They’re professional athletes.  They’re not people.  More like trained monkeys.  Disposable.  Replaceable.  Reprehensible, really.  Wait, what were we talking about?

3 - I’d really like to catch a Big Five basketball game at the Palestra in Philly, and I’m not a Manchester United fan, but I’d love to visit Old Trafford.

4 - The baby back ribs at this place called Chili’s in Ankeny, Iowa are to die for.

Doug: 1 - Where is Missouri's stadium now?  About 61,000, right?  An additional 20,000 seats, especially in this economic climate seems pretty daunting.  Securing funds, getting permission, doing the work, and above all, making sure you can sell those additional seats once they're in place, I really couldn't see it happening any sooner than a decade or so.

2 - In the glory days, I would have been despondent if George Brett had left Kansas City.  Today?  There's really no professional athlete I would lose a lot of sleep over if he left.

3 - Baseball: Fenway and Wrigley; Football: Notre Dame; Basketball: Cameron; and Soccer: I'll second Atch's Old Trafford nomination.

4 - Well, you can never go wrong with practically any kind of Kansas City BBQ.

Michael Atchison: Faurot’s current capacity is 71,000.

Doug: So, maybe my window is a little big, but I still think there's a question of ticket demand and, like I said, getting the money for construction.

ZouDave: 1 - I am not familiar with this plan, but I can guess that it means he wants to expand to Faurot to seat 81k permanently?  Are we sure this is necessary?  We're not selling out games with total regularity, and the ones we do sell out (Nebraska, Homecoming, etc) probably don't have another 10k+ waiting for tickets.  So what's the thought here?  If we build it, they will come?

I don't know how long it will take to execute, but I think Missouri should be waiting to even enact the plan until we have 2 straight seasons of capacity crowds and THEN you can think about it.

2 - Break my heart?  Well luckily my pro teams are so freakishly awful and lack anyone with star power or "fan favorite" charisma that the Royals and Chiefs could basically sell/trade every single player on their current rosters and I doubt I'd even notice.  I'd probably miss Greinke the most, but it would hardly break my heart.

So take it back a few years to when KC pro sports were relevant and let's look at it from that perspective.  It did break my heart when Derrick Thomas died, so it certainly would have broken my heart if he'd left or been traded.  That's the only Chiefs player in my 20+ years of being a die hard Chiefs fan that would have had that kind of impact on the team.  For the Royals, obviously if George Brett had left KC at any time it would have destroyed my ties to the Royals.  Other than that, the great players we had eventually did leave though it was usually when they were past their prime.

3 - Anfield in Liverpool, England.  Would love to sit in The Kop, sing "You'll never walk alone" with the scousers there and watch Steven Gerrard blast a goal in from 20 yards away.  Then I'd go get completely hammered in Liverpool with the locals, and I hear that Liverpool has basically an unofficial contest every night where the women of the city try to be the best looking woman out on the town each night.  That's a contest I'd be happy to judge.

4 - My answer here is going to be quite lame.  I've never had anything overly famous in any city that I can think of.  I've had street vendor food in New York, as well as New York style pizza, I've had Chicago style pizza in Chicago, I've had many different kinds of jambalaya and gumbo in New Orleans, I've had wine in Napa Valley, I love my home town BBQ, I've had some pretty damn good seafood in Charleston, SC, but nothing really springs to mind as a "must have".

Michael Atchison: Everyone who has responded wants to visit an English soccer stadium.  I think we’re about to be branded communists.

ZouDave: To help us thwart our would-be accusers, and perhaps generate some dynamic discussion, how about a list of sports venues you HAVE been to?

Semi-easy for me as I'm not overly well-traveled.

Baseball:  Royals Stadium (Kauffman Stadium), Jack Murphy Stadium, Dodger Stadium, Yankee Stadium, along with minor league parks in KC (T-Bones), Ogden, UT, and Wilmington, DE.

Pro Football:  Arrowhead Stadium...and I believe that's it.  I've never seen a NFL game in another stadium.  But I have been to another NFL stadium for other games.  What will it be?  STAY TUNED!

Pro Basketball:  Kemper Arena, in that the only pro basketball game I've seen live was a pre-season game in 1991 between the Bulls and Timberwolves at Kemper Arena.

Hockey:  American Airlines Center, CenturyTel Center (CHL team Shreveport Mudbugs), Ervin J. Nutter Center (ECHL team Dayton Bombers)

Soccer:  Arrowhead (KC Wizards), Soldier Field (USA vs Canada and USA vs Mexico)

College Football:  Faurot Field, Memorial Stadium in lawrence, ks, Scheumann Stadium (Ball State University), The Cotton Bowl, Independence Stadium (Independence Bowl), Soldier Field (Notre Dame vs Northwestern in 1992)

College Basketball:  Hearnes Center, Kemper Arena, Sprint Center, Allen Fieldhouse

Yes, if you're paying attention you're seeing that right, I have not been to Mizzou Arena yet.

Michael Atchison: I’ve been to baseball games at Kauffman Stadium, the last Busch Stadium, whatever they’re calling the park in Arizona these days, Safeco in Seattle, Mile High in the Rockies’ first season and Coors Field since.  If I’ve been to another, it’s not leaping to my mind.

I’ve seen college football games at Mizzou, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Kentucky, Eastern Illinois, the Cotton Bowl, Arrowhead, the Edward Jones Dome, and probably a couple of others that aren’t coming to me.  For college basketball, Hearnes Center, Mizzou Arena, Municipal Auditorium, Kemper Arena, Sprint Center, Scottrade Center (or Savvis or Kiel or whatever it’s called), Allen Field House, Rupp Arena, Assembly Hall (Illinois, not Indiana), and I’m sure some others.

My NFL, hockey and pro basketball list is too pedestrian to recount, though I did buy a pair of tickets to the Thunder/Heat game in KC before LeBron made his choice.  They are very, very good seats that I suspect have increased considerably in value.

I saw the US team play what I think was a World Cup qualifier close to 15 years ago at Arrowhead.  Headed there again in a couple of weeks to see Man U. 

ZouDave: Oooh, I did forget Municipal Auditorium for college basketball (NAIA ftw), as well as JQH Arena in Springfield for Missouri State.

Michael Atchison: In addition to the NAIA, I’ve seen Mizzou play at Municipal (in a dreadful Guardians Classic where they got roasted by Creighton and then lost again to Houston).  By my count, I’ve seen the Tigers play in six different arenas in the state of Missouri, and at least once in each of those places in the past decade.  I’m sure there are people who can claim at least eight Missouri venues (alas, I never saw a game in the old St. Louis Arena, and you’ll be shocked to know that I’m not old enough to have seen a game in Brewer Fieldhouse or Rothwell Gymnasium).

Doug: For baseball I've been to: Kauffman, Old and New Busch Stadium, Community America Ballpark, Haymarket Park in Lincoln, and AT&T Bricktown Ballpark in Oklahoma City.

For basketball: Allen Field House, Kemper Arena, Sprint Center, Municipal, American Airlines Arena in Dallas, and the Ford Center in Oklahoma City.

Football is by far my most pedestrian category: Memorial Stadium in Lawrence, Arrowhead in KC and Welch Stadium in Emporia.

(Three hours later...)

Michael Atchison: Maybe the Roundtable should go on hiatus until fall, replaced by special summer programming.

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