Mizzou Links, 7-22-10

If yesterday confirmed one thing, it is that we are a pissy, impatient lot right now.  Whether arguing about who among us can or can't poke fun at the fanbase as a whole (a little too close to "Yeah, he's a decent fan and all, but he's not a real fan" for my tastes), or whether somebody's girlfriend (whom none of us have ever met) is worth chatting about (or, apparently, keeping) in a public forum, it wasn't the most hugs-and-kisses day ever on the ol' Rock M.  I don't have anything profound to say here, other than holy crap, do we need some football...

Mizzou (and Big 12) Football Links

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Dave's ballot: All-Big 12 Offense
  • PowerMizzou: A new direction
    "I didn't pay attention to that," redshirt sophomore defensive end Aldon Smith said. "As long as we're playing football I don't really think it matters who we play against. We prepare to play against anybody the same way."

    One of the probable casualties of realignment will be Missouri's rivalry with Nebraska. Waving goodbye to the Cornhuskers wasn't the end of the world for junior wide receiver Jerrell Jackson.

    "Playing against Nebraska is very fun, but personally, whoever you line up against me, I'm ready to play," Jackson said. "I don't really care who is in front of me."
  • PowerMizzou: Fall camp preview: Defensive Tackles
  • ESPN.com: Big 12 and BCS heads align on future
  • Oklahoma State
    Daily Oklahoman: Oklahoma State has to beef up football program
  • Agentapalooza
    Dr. Saturday: Where the NCAA's anti-agent crackdown stops, nobody knows
    CBS Sports (Gregg Doyel): NCAA cures its apathy when it comes to slimy agents
    Coug Center: Twitter, Facebook problematic for athletes

Mizzou (and Big 12) Basketball Links

  • The Trib: Bigger, stronger and, most importantly, faster

    Missouri is far from the most physically imposing team, but that’s never been the goal.

    "We’re just as strong as any other team in the country," English said. "It just looks different on our bodies. Justin Safford is strong, but he’s not going to look as big as Dexter Pittman or Damion James," the former standouts in the Texas frontcourt. "His core is strong. His legs are strong. His chest won’t be sticking out, because the way we play, we need to be mobile and fast and wiry."

    Forwards need to possess enough brawn to bang under the basket, which is why Deets has been filling lanky forwards Bowers and John Underwood with extra protein to build bulk. Bowers, who weighed 195 pounds when he came to Columbia in 2008, is now a much sturdier 215. Underwood wasn’t much bigger as a freshman but is up to 228.

    But it’s not all about getting the players bigger, faster and stronger. Deets is also trying to help them be ready for the grind of playing up to 40 games over four months.

    "It’s so important as far as being able to build up the muscles around the different joints of the body, because when you do that you give yourself a chance to reduce injuries," he said.

  • The Dagger: Three memorable anecdotes from Missouri guard Kim English (This is great stuff.)
  • The Dagger: Elite Eight practice court inspires Baylor's Final Four dreams

Other Mizzou Links


Don't be jealous or anything, ahem, but I plugged my latest Oklahoma BTBS preview into the I Write Like machine, and it totally told me my style's just like that of David Foster Wallace.  Clearly I'm a champion of irony and emotional connection.  Joe Posnanski had some fun with the I Write Like tool as well.

And don't forget ... coming soon ...

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