Mizzou Links, 7-26-10

I started this morning's post thinking I had a ton of links to share ... and relatively speaking, I do ... but approximately 90% of them are from PowerMizzou, so ... I hope you're a subscriber!

Mizzou Football Links

  • PowerMizzou: Next in Line
    Although Jackson and Kemp are only juniors, they are the oldest members of the receiving corps with the exception of backup Forrest Shock, who is the holder for the kicking team. They have by far the most experience of any players coming back, and they have embraced the leadership role and taken the incoming players under their wing to get them up to speed.

    "We're on them real hard right now," Jackson said. "In 7-on-7 we're making sure they do everything that we feel that the coaches will like. And we've got some good athletes that came in and right now we've just got to teach them and guide them."

    Jackson said it's important for the older players to show the new guys the ropes, on and off the field, if they want them to contribute early on. He credits older receivers like Alexander, Maclin, Jared Perry and Tommy Saunders with helping him when he was a freshman.

    "They're the reason I played as a true freshman," he said. "They taught me everything quick, taught me how to run things, get used to the college speed, how we run. And without them, and without us helping these freshman, there wouldn't be any way that they'll play as a true freshman."

    Kemp said that the work he and the other receivers, like Jackson and newly named starter Michael Egnew are putting in with Blaine Gabbert on their off time has really improved their chemistry since the close of spring practice.
  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Huskers, Sooners are the choice
  • ESPN.com (Big 12 Blog): Mailbag: Missouri edition
  • PowerMizzou Previews Fall Camp
    PowerMizzou: Fall camp preview: Cornerbacks
    PowerMizzou: Fall camp preview: Safeties
    PowerMizzou: Fall camp preview: Special Teams
  • PowerMizzou Looks Back at Previous Recruiting Classes
    : All-sleeper Team: Defense
    : All-expectations Team: Offense
    : All-expectations Team: Defense

Big 12 Football Links

  • Media Days
    The Trib: Departing schools will top the talk at Big 12 media days
    Houston Chronicle: 'The savior of the Big 12' -- and how he did it
    Daily Oklahoman (That Fruity Guy): Twelve questions we hope are answered at Big 12 Media Days this week

    3. How much resentment lingers against Texas?

    UT took the bull by the Longhorns in the conference realignment shuffle. Texas effectively sped up Nebraska's departure to the Big Ten, scared half the league into thinking the Big 12 was doomed and thrilled the other half into thinking it was headed to the Pac-16.

    Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne, whose disgust with everything Texan trumps anything Oklahomans ever thought about, apparently won't be at the Westin Hotel this week, though he'll appear at Big Ten Media Days next week. Drats. Dr. Tom is leaving us just as he's getting interesting in his old age.


    10. Why does no else think Missouri's Blaine Gabbert is the league's best quarterback?

    Gabbert was one of the league's best QBs last season. Gabbert ranked second (behind McCoy) in pass efficiency. Second (behind Kansas' Todd Reesing) in passing yards. Second (behind A&M's Jerrod Johnson) in touchdown-interception ratio.

    If Gabbert hadn't bummed his ankle against Nebraska, Mizzou would have won the North and all that Nebraska title-game controversy never exists.

  • Tubs Speaks
    Dallas Morning News: Tommy Tuberville: 'I just hate we lost two teams'
    Dallas Morning News: Tommy Tuberville: Agent incidents 'a nightmare for all of us'
  • Recruiting Rules Changes
    Austin American-Statesman: NCAA may say 'not so fast' to early commitments
  • PowerMizzou Scouts the North
    PowerMizzou: Scouting the North: Running Backs
    PowerMizzou: Scouting the North: Receivers
    PowerMizzou: Scouting the North: Offensive Line
    PowerMizzou: Scouting the North: OFFENSE
  • Ron Prince Is Still a Story
    Topeka Capital-Journal: KSU attorney: Hasty changes made in Prince deal
    Topeka Capital-Journal: KSU case tough to make

Mizzou (and Big 12) Basketball Links

  • The Missourian: Best of Big 12 coaches? Take a look at Self
  • Big 12 Hoops: Which Big 12 team that missed NCAA Tourney has a chance this season?
  • Recruiting Stinks
    ESPN.com (Dana O'Neil): ESPN.com coaching survey on dirty college basketball recruiting

Other Mizzou Links

And don't forget ... coming soon ...

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