Mizzou Links, 7-30-10

We haven't had a non-football link in two days ... not complaining, mind you, but if anything were to make it perfectly clear that football is right around the corner, that would be it.  Anyway, some really fun soap opera stuff about realignment today.

Big 12 Football Links

  • You Mean It's Not One Big Happy Marriage Now?
    Dr. Saturday: A&M is committed to the Big 12, as long as it pays
    University president R. Bowen Loftin said in a statement/warning Wednesday that A&M "fully anticipate(s) that the Big 12 will honor its commitment" to distribute $20 million a year to its biggest fish, TAMU, Texas and Oklahoma, beginning in 2012. If it doesn't? A&M will "explore every legal avenue" to get its money, according to another high-ranking official, including the much-rumored defection to the SEC the Aggies held over their rivals' heads when it looked like the rest of the Big 12 South was about to bolt for the Pac-10.

    This may look like dysfunction, but that's just how it is with a family, man. You know Beebe's totally good for it. It's Beebe, dawg
    Dallas Morning News (Chuck Carlton): Big 12 affirms its $20 million commitment to Texas A&M
  • So Why Did the Pac-16 Fall Apart Anyway?
    CBS Sports (Dennis Dodd): Pac-10's Scott blames Texas for his plan's demise

    The website Orangebloods.com was breaking most of the news during that time largely through unnamed sources. It went from being the first to report that the six schools were strongly considering the Pac-10 to detailing the hectic hours as the Big 12 saved itself with the promise of a windfall increase in future television revenue. Scott, though, seemed to suggest that the reporting was driven by a Texas source or sources with an agenda.

    "We weren't trying to publicize what we were doing," Scott said. "We were going about it for four months quietly behind the scenes. It's really Texas [that] leaked the plan as they were going into those Big 12 meetings in Kansas City, I think, hoping to keep Nebraska, hoping to keep the Big 12 together."

    Asked what person or persons may have leaked the information Scott said, "I don't know ... It could only be a small [amount of people] who knew what was going on."

    Wait ... so ... Chip Brown's source was ... WITHIN THE TEXAS ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT??????? I'd have never guessed!!!

    Coug Center: Texas, Big 12 blame game
    KC Star (Campus Corner): Stoops liked Pac-10 possibility
  • The Norman Transcript: Not about the QBs?
  • Kansas
    Dallas Morning News: Gill changes culture at Kansas, creates 'positive' environment
  • Oklahoma State
  • Texas
    Dr. Saturday: The running game is back at Texas. But is it really necessary?

Mizzou Football Links

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Emptying the Notebook: Big 12 Media Days
    Whether it’s over a laptop or a late-night beverage, sportswriters gab a lot at these deals, mostly about the upcoming season. And here’s the vibe I got from many of those conversations: No one seems convinced that Nebraska runs away with the North Division. Yes, the Huskers are a heavy favorite, but I heard from more than a few writers something along the lines of, "I picked Nebraska, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Missouri win the thing." If the Tigers had showed up against Navy and won the Texas Bowl, my guess is Nebraska and Missouri split the first-place votes evenly. And, he might not believe it, but several writers favor Blaine Gabbert over Texas A&M’s Jerrod Johnson as the league’s best quarterback heading into the season. Again, Johnson was the preseason choice on the all-conference team, but the margin of opinion seems thin.
  • Post-Dispatch: Pinkel recalls high anxiety

    Pinkel added that he had been "out of the loop" on whether MU might be invited into the Big Ten or how the Big 12 would survive.

    "I was just kind of like you, sitting around seeing what's going to happen," he said during Big 12 pre-season football media days.

    But as the numbers around him dwindled after a news conference, Pinkel acknowledged that the weeks of uncertainty had left him in turmoil.

    "It was quite a time," he said, adding, "You have no control over it. You have none."

  • KOMU.com: Pinkel meets with Big 12 media
  • PowerMizzou: 2010 Tiger Mailbag
  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Weatherspoon, Perry sign NFL deals
    SI.com: Falcons agree to terms with Weatherspoon
  • PowerMizzou: Scouting the North: Special Teams
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